Mr Nice marijuana strain review

Let us get you high! Click the link below! Mr. Nice is a very potent strain. The effects are very indica and leave you very stoned. It is a cross …


  1. This strand was strong as hell. Next thing you know you get snuck up by Mr. Nice, and I quote " Mr. nice sure doesn't seem nice," the next thing I know, my friend and I are playing pat-a-cake.

  2. and that doesnt happen with other kind, but you laugh three times in a progressive way, each 15 minutes, do a joint of this marihuana with your friends and enjoy the dator, in internet is known as progressive pelotazo ( progresive hit with a ball)

  3. ive always smoked without holding the breath cause is the same, and with the orange of the cigar, or with a piece of that material..i dont know how is called in english
    so, well, the only marihuana that i wanted to cough without holding the breath is mr nice, xp2 isnt in internet but that was like chilli, but you feel it in the mouth, so you didnt wanna to cough but you was tasting some strong thing
    Dator: if you trust in me you will buy this seeds, if you smoke it with friends you laugh

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