LEE PRIEST and CBD Oil for Pain Relief

Lee talks about the benefits he has experienced with CBD Oil for pain relief versus this experience with opioids. If you are interested check out his link …


  1. Thanks Lee, man, I'm a huge fan. I think you had the first superman tattoo. My dad's back is like how you explained, and with all my training, my back is crazy sore. I also take MSM, living silica, and hyaluronic acid. Great info from Dr. Robert Cassar. Keep rocking. Best, C -Biddy STYLE.

  2. I would like to quote Ralphie who, after throwing his little brother out of the bathroom to figure out little orphan Annie's secret code, said, "A crummy commercial??? Son of a bitch!"

  3. big pharmacies have way to much power. i was on tramadol for a smashed ankle ,next i was fucking hooked,doctor i was with,dished em out like sweets. i changed my doctor and got taken off them,cbd oil is the one for me. no bollocks side effects,and i can train now. if you can stay away from opiods.

  4. Lee is right about all of the pharmaceutical commercials in the USA, and there's almost as many commercials with attorneys going after pharmaceutical companies with law suits.

  5. I have missing msl ligaments ripped off the bone. Injured for while fully recover srenght no pain. But sometime if do upright rows hraby wrong angle or bicep girls get mini sharp pain. Like a nerve for a second. But not really ant more and minor. Why you don't do yoga like Dorian Yates and ido portal. before or after or now. Or do. Testosterone down to 2.fuck.dr Shawn baker testosterone is 250ng/dl like a girl. You see his new video on study on muscle building.
    ACE083 site injection research chemical.
    Jerry brainum has a video about it.
    A mysotatin inhibitor that works. Injection directly into muscle site to grow specific muscles.

    Dr. Shawn baker talk about it here a new study on muscle building and he has super low girly testosterone levels. He is in his fifties old man and is increasing his strength naturally by a lot He does 405lbs Deadlift strapless all the way down 20 reps. Not rack pulls Not rack pulls his total testosterone is 250ng/dl.

  6. Oh you crushed your nerve. Cannot repair it. You Try isometric hold to allign it and put back into place. Take pressure of the nerve or already damaged. Stretch and strengthen it. You never did neck bridges or stretching it in life. Many exercise that are non impact see in YouTube videos. This is like shaw where he has nerve damage. Opiates lower testosterone and lower strength and can make depressed as, a result. Kratom is legal opiate. New trend

  7. Yes CBD oil helps stop and prevent seizures in children with epilepsy. Where do you get it from. There is legal powder form without thc they give it having seizure and the Valium doesn't work. I need this

  8. Opiates work great u just have to stop whining about its withdrawl. Should not be given to stupid people either. Marijuana works way better than cbd oil i bet. I woulsnt waste my money on cbd oil when marijuana or extract is cheaper. I actually use pre workout to help me because it was 1/3 of the workout routine so it felt like i was gonna do it. And don't try to life if you are srs injured. Stay away from the gym till you are healed. Dont go test it out

  9. Lee Kris I would love to visit you I need a new device I’m kind a loss with the medication please brother Lee I hope you get this message can you reply to me please from Canada I’m gonna leave in Sydney Canada post because my wife and kids there and Sydney and I’m always in Canada back-and-forth

  10. Lee press how are you doing my brother I’ve been taking OxyContin for 15 years I don’t know how to get off I’ll try but I feel miserable when I don’t take it Your advice to me later brother

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