HULK PGR Marijua Cannabis Nutrient Must See To Believe 50% bigger yield! Rare Product Review

HULK Marijua Cannabis Nutrient- Must See To Believe 50% bigger yield! Rare Product Review HULK marijuana cannabis nutrient- It is Rare that I find a product …


  1. Paclobutrazol! its all about Paclobutrazol…. and similar. it is used for decades ,and its is and produced chemical, wich is harmful to ingest! it is an antihormone,could be said. it functions as an antigibberlin uptaker! so thats way plants ,nearly at once, stop elongation, couse it could not use or produce its gibberlins. and so energy wich cant be used for gowing taller is used for the rest. but DONT USE IT! expasially if you are a bit expirienced, then it will only fuckyou up! it reduces quality and potenz(its smelling not so good.many terpens cant be produced by plant without gibberlin. with many PGR you get hairy buds wich are rock fucking hard you never saw. but its so dense its not good for bud develpment! and mainly only small small calyxes, because for big calyxes the plant NEED gibberlin. you end up with stone hard hairy buds wich have lesser trichomes than normal and not so many terpens!! insteed you became big yield,even as an beginner. but thats all. big yield with with qualitiy reduced buds. IT IS niot worth a try! better get better in growing so you get the same yield with NO pgr ,but quality buds.
    and by the way, it is said that Paclobutrazol can cause cancer ( ok maby not if you use cannabisoil, wich cures cancer…. ach kinners

  2. were can i buy some plant steroids to shoot right into stem and put in on 12 week cycle and the plants will get weight lifting 3 times a week and will it bulk up ,more if i feed it 5000cal beefcake weight gainer

  3. Hello All ,

    I am the owner of BULK, and the real story behind BULK goes like this, We are a Hydroponics lighting manufacturer and we distribute many other products. I traveled the globe looking to find the best products to bring back to my wholesale distribution. I found this product hulk in Australia , I made a deal to be there national distributor i spent 1 Million Dollars on HULK and other NUTES after i spent 250K promoting HULK nationwide as the sales started rolling in The Dirty Australian company stopped selling to me and started cold calling all my deals selling direct. SO I Flew back and bought the recipe from there chemist , matter a fact i bought the chemists revised formula that contains no PACLO, All natural Hormones !!!!!!!!! ZERO PACLO

  4. your plants are burned your leaves are starting to curl under which is a big sign of being over fed you need to test more often it's needed pH and nutrient test strip are handy trust my knowledge I been growing for over ten years with the same dirt and chemo never have changed I use general hydroponics but I have my own mix process and I can't give it to anyone sorry it's been in the family toooo long you can pay me for the recipe if u want email me [email protected]

  5. How do you know your bud contains PGRs?? Short of buying yourself a Gas chromatograph or growing it yourself, you cant really tell, but there are indicators. *lack of visible trichomes *lack of smell *rock hard incredibly dense buds *hairy buds seem to be an indicator too.

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