Huge underground Cannabis Factory Found in North Wales 2 Arrested

TWO Merseyside men have been jailed after underground cannabis growing bunkers were found hidden inside huge railway tunnels in North Wales. Officially a …


  1. man this was the work of very motivated geniuses.send these lads to Colorado or Cali or whatever and put them to work. there's nothing wrong with growing weed. this grow was just in the wrong place. I bet it was easy to cool that place.underground stays at a steady 56 deg. f ithink

  2. I feel sick to my stomach for the guys, so much work went into building those rooms, just look at the solid ducting instead of the usual crap flexi ducting!! No expense speared their only for some snitching twat to get it shut dowm but saying that loose lips sinks ships!!! And so does smell so invest in ozone generators and no smell to worry about!!

  3. Legalization is a threat to their final solution cash cow.
    We the people are used as scapegoats by capitalist interests to support police state tyranny and oppression similar to the Jewish people in the Nazi war.
    We must come to call it Never Never More.

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