How To Use Milk To Increase Yield, Frost, And Pest & Mold Control

Naw pimp Im not crazy I been on this page. I just did not have the researchto back my play other than wining the game. Still I want you guys to know the reason …


  1. You're funny dude. I'll stay tuned. I should have seen this vid 2 years ago.  That said, you can also shower with the shit. Use it along with your favorite shampoo. Gets rid of body fungus, lice and bacterial residue. There you go. Been using it for years. Wait till I tell you what you can do with cottage cheese….

  2. I'm about to try the goats milk. I believe dude when he says goats milk would be way better in the comments. I just watched a video with a scientist Scott from NFTG's & he said using molasses put a blanket over your root Zone. Or soil as your medium & blocks other nuts from getting in causing a lock out. Hopefully of u do use it u us literally a drop 1 small drop. Either way it's hot water soluble like u think. If I try house milk hole milke should do so what would the what's the ratio milk a gallon of milk then ?

  3. my brother you would get a lot more positive feedback if you would only change your vocabulary I stopped watching of of and I no longer have interest in what you're talking about

  4. I started using milk a few years ago after talking to a friends grandfather. He told me that when he was a boy that's how people grew the crops. He said that whole milk was what the used. I tried it and it works awesome for me and now a few of my buddies as well. I am an outdoor grower tho.

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