1. Just by the way you started talking I can't watch the rest of the video because you just seem like you're dumb as hell and don't know what you're talkin about you sound so uneducated I'm not taking any advice from you

  2. It’s not gone work if you’re over 180😒😒😂😂 Weight and height matters… everybody in this video looks like they got a fast metabolism💯 take notes

  3. This actually works.. Ive been using this method and taking certo in gatorade 4 hours before a test and it works.Just follow the directions to a t and ill be damned if it doesnt work. Good Luck

  4. potable aqua? WTF is it called? I think its the water purification tablets. O forget it. This was probably a probation tactic…they all graduated to the big house by now or who knows what

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