Hempy coco Auto Marijuana grow: Step by Step

Hey, this is a step by step journal where I tell you everything I do in my hempy coco grow for auto flowering marijuana strain Think Different under a 600w HPS …


  1. Ok so you make 5 gallons nutrients then ph. Then use a litre of water per each for the week? How do you test ph? Collect the run off? Question if I am putting in 300 ppm of nutrients let’s say. And my run off is 600 ppm. And it’s new fresh nutrients. What do I do?

  2. great video. when you kept saying 5.5 in my head i was like i always target for 6.0 i noticed when i dont use all the water and i go to use it 2 days later it is high again, and i have to level it back out. i see your point of why to mix it to 5.5 as it raises it will accommodate different phs needed for better nutrient uptake. genius. this knowledge i already know but never would have put that technique to use on my own. great info.

  3. Years ago, i was having a really hard time keeping my lights on temps above 68 during winter in my smallish grow space with lights on (colder when they were off)… What i did was put a couple incandescent light bulbs wrapped in aluminum foil, and placed a pc fan blowing air across them. I maintained a temp range 80 – 85 degrees Fahrenheit with grow light on, and 73 – 75 degrees Fahrenheit with the grow light off.

  4. So your also lneing the bottom of the buckets with perlite and also mixing it with the coco? i was told line the bottom with the 30% perlite the chunky stuff then fill the rest with straight Coco

  5. think thats what im going to do my neighbors are not nice if I messed with their cable they would be mad. what light and wattage? are the videos on led hooked to you your grows.

  6. glad to hear lot of my friends have gotten rid of their digital ballast due to getting busted from cabel company. just asking dont want to see anyone else loss their crop and supplies not counting whatever trouble. I just got mine im worried about putting it up. I will test it. thanks for reply will be watching for your wonderful videos.

  7. My babies are so leggy and that worries me too. They are all very lush and green. There is one that has a yellow tip only on one leaf but all the other sets of leaves are green and lush looking. Should I be concerned about that one with the yellow tip?

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