Getting stuck in the negatives (and how to get unstuck) | Alison Ledgerwood | TEDxUCDavis

Alison Ledgerwood joined the Department of Psychology at UC Davis in 2008 after completing her PhD in social psychology at New York University. She is …


  1. The Loss Frame has so many implications. It actually explains why sometimes I tell others "don't tell me if you didn't like the movie. Let me see and judge". Because when I read bad reviews about films, I often go with low expectations, and it must be exceptionally good to alter my mind.

  2. That is why I stopped watching the news and got rid of the MSN home news page…. Nothing but negative, gossip and fear mongering. I swear the media hones in on fact that humans gravitate towards the negative….. Good video, thank you.

  3. Our mind autopilot to threats. When we sense anything which is negative, our impulse and neutron in our brain keep us alert with any threats ( negative ) . It keeps out guard up.

  4. Love the video! I have a sanguine temperament and, of course, an dating a melancholic. One of our favorite games is re-interpreting what he thinks negatively into my positive version. For example, we are taking ballroom dancing. When we first started dancing, my boyfriend thought that other people were wondering why we were even out on the floor since we were so terrible. Now that we are good, he thinks others are thinking that we think we are such hot stuff and that we are better than everybody. My version–The guys are wishing that he would take a break so that they can dance with a hot chick like me and the women are wishing that their partners would dance as well as he does! It is funny how differently we view the same situation.

  5. Even walking is a controlled fall and all humans have endless desires that cannot be fulfilled in their short lives. Limitations from resources, time and then the 3rd law of thermodynamics (opportunity cost of doing anything work creates entropy) plus unknowns about the future will challenge our self efficacy and potential. The struggle is perceived and experienced. We see good as luck and accident

  6. I realized this while meditating that seeing the positive in life was hard work and thinking negative was just effortless. I thought there was something wrong with me in a sense. Thank you for bringing clarity over this.

  7. Dont overthink. Dont think negatively. Im very very serious about looking for you when the time is right. Even if im really unsure about how i will do that, I wont be able to take it knowing that i wont be able to find you (when the right time comes). So please dont let negative thoughts.
    I mean them.
    cyber hugs for you.

  8. Getting stuck in negatives by Alison Ledgerwood preaches about how negative things tends to affect us longer, both emotionally and mentally than positive things and why negative things tend to stick in our heads longer than they should. Alison through a few case studies, outlines about how the perception of people changes from positive to negative and how some people stick to negative even after being told of positive benefits. She also imparts us with the knowledge of how our brains our wired to store negative thoughts and how important it is to change our approach for better outlook and productivity.

  9. this is very timely.. i am always pessimistic. somehow whatever i feed my mind manifests. i dont want it to happen but i cant stop thinking about it. i am really scared about failing my class. the odds are high but this thought me that i still have a chance to pass. i needed to hear this

  10. just to throw an additional perspective on it, thinking from a logical perspective. People may consider half full and half empty by way of a goal. If you are filling the glass up, it is half full (as you're half way to filling the glass), if you're emptying the glass, it is half empty (as the goal is to empty it and you're only half way there). When running a race, what do you say, I'm half way from the finish, or half way from the start? It isn't always a negative perception, just a reversal of the goal

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