Dr. Robert Melamede Explains How and Why Our Brains Are Wired to Receive Cannabis

Dr. Robert Melamede explains how and why our brains are Wired to receive cannabis The Importance of the Endo-cannabinoid system, it’s role in maintaining …


  1. When dr bob says breasts may need to be listed as paraphanelia…so too should people be charged with walks in woods as conspiring to inhale terpenes…which shall be now categorized as illegal schedule one analogs ..also it is rumored people walk in woods are taking home terpenes and oids and converting them…thereby giving the alchemist more ability to own body instead of gov controlled dr…having said that i ordered or was given a gallon of limonene…because at time it was being discussed and tried as replacement drycleaning solvent…and one woof of it made you feel like you just was force fed a quart of grapefruit juice. So it was never used…the regular drycleaning solvent used for years perchlorethylene could be inhaled for a yucky high and had been long ago tested as a non flammable ether of sorts…also if somebody from another. Country flew over a drycleaningplant and bombed it with aluminum mixed explosives but either way would def make a cloud of poisionous gas..as refrigeration systems would do and people who have pools…so all this about chem weapon attacks basically either u.s. lying or for some reason feel people in syria should not be allowed drycleaning plants pools or refrigerators….until it is freed of evil people.

  2. Great stuff Doc. I've been studying from a layman's perspective for about two years. What you say 100% correlates to what I have found and experienced. I cannot understand some of the comments below, but can only surmise that they are planted by "bog pharma shills" to try to hold you back. Now that we have elected a real President, I suspect that your fortunes are going to shine. I look forward to hearing more and I will support you in any way I can.

  3. While watching this video I was thinking Dr Bob looked younger.
    I remember years ago ,a beard and Hasidic side burns
    Maybe Cannabis is the fountain of youth!
    Or the local barbershop.

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