Cole Kleen (Seth Rogen) Is Jim's New Pro-Climate Change Weatherman – The Jim Jefferies Show

The Jim Jefferies Show has a new weatherman, and he’s much more optimistic about the future of the planet for some reason. Subscribe to Comedy Central: …


  1. 2:47 “The Jews control the weather. But! God controls the Jews, so it’s kind of all about the same.”

    I would have spit out my water if I was drinking any, but for some reason, I was reminded of when Mike Cernovich called Seth Rogen a Nazi for supposedly wanting to ban books he didn’t agree with.

    Seth. Rogen. (

  2. Climate change is fucking my house up with the fucking so common storms with 90 mph gusts…the only satisfaction is to know the ass fucks that caused it will suffer with all of us…or not

  3. "God controls the weather" now if your Pagan he is correct. So yes 'God' controls the weather. You see there was this 'Ice age' over 10000 years ago, long before we ever struck oil. So to say we 'cause' Global warming is flat ass stupid. Do we contribute is the logical question at hand and at what cost to our health.

  4. The crazy ass people with this… the world is ending bullshit lmao! If you think its ending you are as crazy as Al Gore who said the same thing years and years ago. It 8s all bullshit China and India Russia plus all of the other countries are not doing anything so for us to do all this bullshit means nothing 😉

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