Circadian Rhythm and Your Brain's Clock

Why do we sleep at night instead of during the day? In this episode of SciShow Hank talks about circadian rhythms, how they work, and how they regulate …


  1. Every time I think of Circadian Rhythm I’m reminded of cicadas and hearing them sing through the trees on my back porch in Ellwood City and it helps me fall as—

  2. Remember that in ancient past our ancestors sometimes had no choice but to stay awake and run for their life when some hungry carnivore was looking for midnight snack… I like 2 pm naps

  3. Is it only in humans? I read about the edited monkey clones and they said they added human mental disorders but extracted the circadian rhythm..what does this mean for the monkeys? Do they not sleep? And is this gene only in humans?

  4. Yesterday night I slept with the lights on (square led fittings) and today my whole day was confusing during my classes!!! Can someone suggest a solution

    P. S. Let me tell you I had a complete undisturbed sleep of 7 hours, but still I felt unsatisfied!!!😞😞😞

  5. I have a weird ass circadian rhythm, I wake up at around 8 A.M. and then at around 1 until the rest of the day I am extremely tired. Then at around 7 I get less tired at 1 I am fully energized.

  6. I would love to sleep at night time. But I am unable to fall asleep before sunrise. I don't even sleep through the whole day. Only until noon, not more than 5 to 6 hours a day. I have big eye bags. But I still am unable to sleep in the night. It's not because of social media. Sometimes I try to fall asleep but I only end up lying on my bed for like 3 hours without falling asleep. I theorize it might have to do with my anti-social personality. Mornings are the busiest time of the day. They are filled with people. This is why I end up staying awake during the night where there are almost no people and sleeping through the morning.

  7. yes but WHY is Circadian Rhythm "Synced" with the cycle of the rotation of the earth?
    Generally speaking, we become conscious or "rise" with the suns appearance, and we hibernate with its disappearance. Is it purely from light stimulation being that the sun is out, thereby stimulating consciousness? Light photon induced consciousness? Consciousness still occurs at night, but is it diminished? Where are these studies published?

  8. for some reason , i can function much better at night. feels like my mind is more awake and i also get sick .. well never, unless i'm awake during the day.

    also my sleep cycle only takes one night to flip over from night or day.. so if i can't sleep one night i wilk be up every night and if i can't sleep one day i will be up everyday.

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