1. What is your opinion on investing on AMD? Management did say blockchain was one third of the their growth. FedEx and UPS has begun development on blockchain development. Would you invest?

  2. GE should have taken your stock market mastery course and invested in quality dividend paying stocks & stocks that have positive capital gains , but most importantly GE should not have put all thier eggs / employee pension fund in to 1 basket , low % paying Bond funds and they should have diversified !! HUMM… not to bright.

  3. Ryan – First time watching your videos and am now a subscriber.  I love your format and the thoroughness of the discussions.  Look forward to watching on a regular basis.  

    I'm a long term holder of AMAT and AMZN (from $12 & $290 respectively) and still like both going forward.  I also hold GE and while it's stock is troubled due to pension obligations and non-related insurance holding issues, among other things, I think their core Aviation and Healthcare businesses are in terrific shape and I still believe Power will turn around.  

    Time will tell, but I'm with you and think the stock price will be significantly higher than current levels 3-5 years from now.  I've looked at CHK and its not for me and I love BA, but I've decided to admit that I missed it and take it as a lesson learned.  Good luck to you!

  4. What about sunpower? I’m looking to invest in GE and sunpower as my first two long term investments. Renewable energy will be the future of energy, so, why not buy now while sunpower is low

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