Amsterdam: Only Red Lights & Weed?

We travel to Amsterdam to hang out with Kelvin and Peter from Cinemates and our good friend Wijnand Boon – a legendary Dutch traveler who walked for three …


  1. Wow guys ! It is very beautiful city and the whole country I loved ! Just the city of museums, maybe one day you will visit some of them and I got tip for everybody- so try the trip by ship through Amsterdam on channels! Stunning thing guys:)

  2. Have been living there and 2 of my children are born there but I am been living in sweden now for many years . It brings back so many memories close to the ferries my daughter is born on a barge , we where shipping molasses and Amsterdam was our home port . Many times we moored behind the central station .

  3. You should go to Zeedijk, its like the mainstreet of the red light district, but without prostitution (only during nighttime) and has all these different cultural restaurants, like a Chinatown!

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