5 Miraculous Medical Marijuana Survival Stories

Pediatric cannabis therapy is saving lives!!! It’s important to be aware of alternative treatments, since (in the US) there are only two approved treatments for …


  1. Can someone tell me how I can join a cannabis movement. I'm from Canada and also do my own research. I would like to help submit my own results and be a functioning part of this fund free cure for cancer. I have my own personal reasons for doing this pro bono, also if we show that our own family members benefit from cannabis we can create a movement. One to change the world. Let's all please get together and great the butterfly effect of the new age cancer treatment.

    "It's suggested children may respond positively to medicinal applications of cannabinoids without undesirable central effects. Excellent clinical results have been reported in pediatric oncology and in case studies of children with severe neurological disease or brain trauma. We suggest cannabinoid treatment for children or young adults with cystic fibrosis an improvement of their health condition including improved food intake and reduced inflammatory exacerbations."
    Department of Behavioral Sciences, College of Judea and Samaria, Ariel 44837, Israel. [email protected]

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