1. Marijuana is the only safe & healthy thing to do. Even more than legal prescription pills. The only side effects are happy hungry sleepy(not always in that order tho). It can help with depression, bi polar, insomnia, anxiety & panic attacks, seizures,ptsd, epilepsy, & many types of physical pain, not to mention the positive feedback on recent studies with types of cancer & leukemia too. & technically marijuana is not a drug..drugs are manmade chemicals, marijuana is a plant. But if some really do consider it a drug..alright, but its not a dangerous one & its not a gateway to shit if you're smart about it. It can be mentally addictive like a lot of shit thats legal, but not if you're smart about it. A lot of shit thats legal can be a gateway drug. Alcohol is as bad as crack/cocaine & meth & heroine is, & tobacco/nicotine is bad for health too people die from all that shit in one way or another every day. It really is just a plant yet its still mostly illegal, while shit you CAN die from is still legal..thats fucked up. Personally im not against smoking weed for medical purposes, as long as its not near kids, & the smoker is at least 18 or 21..i think thats reasonable enough. I hope its legalized, or at least very DEcriminalized soon.☮💚

  2. i think i have the memory disruptions as a short-term thing because im sure right after i comment this comment im going to forget and think i traveled in time and stuff

  3. For me, The only way to get my body comfortable on cannabis is to have it at least two feet thick. Buds, not so much. More leaves make it way better. And try to get rid of as many sticks in there as they can poke you when you roll over…

  4. The best thing is that Cannabis kills cancer cells!!!! Research the Rick Simpson method. It is currently killing off my wife's stage 4 cancer that is deemed incurable after trying chemotherapy and radiation by the medical industry

  5. Weed hit everyone different me I was smoking weed everyday for a whole year all day and one day I couldn’t smoke anymore I got a crazy panic attack and ended up in the hospital reminder dabbing smoking top shelf in Cali all day every day anyways the next day after that panic attack I tried again and same thing I tripped out and I stoped smoking I was depressed felt like I had cold turkey I didn’t wanna go out or talk to no one took around 5 months to go back to a normal state of mind it was so weird now 2 years later I smoke everyday and I’m starting to realize I’m getting the same effects as the first trip I just know how to handle it and put my feelings aside

  6. Marijuana is no longer natural and I don't consider it marijuana anymore. Real marijuana won't have fertilizer, pesticides, hormones applied to it to grow and won't be forced to accelerate it to give it's fruit for consumption. Real marijuana is just planting the seed in a spot with good sunlight and just water it when it needs water so it grows how nature intended for it to grow. It may take a bit more to give its fruit but at least it won't contain any chemicals that has corrupted it. Now marijuana is are chemicals and shit.

  7. "she didn't do her researsh"??? all she had to do was read the label, i think illiterate ppl should be banned from using… anything, including tide pods, plastic bags, food and, apparently: weed.

  8. I generally don't consume edibles, but I do use a dry herb vape and an oil pen vape. Add to that the occasional puff or two. I know that when I go to a legal state that my intake of opioids and benzos, which I am legally prescribed, is greatly reduced. Marijuana is a wonderful medicine. My state just voted for medical cannabis to be legal, but it'll be several months before we see any product. Until then, I'll just keep spending a week or two at a time in Colorado. Excellent documentary.

  9. It's looking like cannabis will be legal sometime in the next ~5 years. They just made hemp legal. Excited to see where the industry goes once it's made legal and able to be transported between states.

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