1. I supposed to roll with ya. Enjoy the Black Widow Weed I gave ya. I wanted only a Foto. Easy Bro the 1 Song I did not know but I know all other songs. Thanks for the good time in Aarau 👐🏿

  2. Ask me if I listen to this or that modern song and I probably won't know what you are talking about. Ask if I know any current rappers and I won't be able to name any aside from ones that become memes. Rap is dying, no….. rap is being murdered by idiots who perpetuate drug culture and only see their careers as a paycheck to be able to flex more until they burn out and their 15 seconds of fame are over. Old school rappers are still the best because they put soul into it and spit real shit, not at all like these fucking CRACKHEAD PILL POPPING MUMBLING FAGGOTS!

  3. Its not new age rappers fault , they are controlled today by the Big Club that most dont know about. Thats why DMX left the music industry , telling you what kind of music to play and not by your own choice

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