1. Today i had an direct comparison. Smoking weed truely makes me perform BETTER! Today i worked out sober and couldnt really build up the strength as good as i am used to when i smoke weed. Just dont get hardcore baked, it will take away some motivation. I usually smoke before and after just to go in relaxed and come out relaxed, which in turn works like a charm ♥

    Also learn to control your munchies. Smoking weed WILL make you hungry big time but you easily can learn to ignore the fake hunger. I dont need to eat anything all day if i dont want to, even after taking huge hits of a bong.

  2. dude. Its the estrogen boost from the weed. Helps balance testosterone spikes from lifting. I use this medically. I'm fucking psycho so it helps with that too. Keep me from getting all rage-y. But seriously, recovery period sees big benefits from marijuana.

  3. I’m so lose after smoking pot, stretching is hardly needed. And I put on some TOOL 46 & 2 and GAINS! Started lifting at 43, all natural quit smoking and drinking! But pot is a gainer!

  4. I just noticed I cough too much if I smoke too much. And if my tolerance gets too high I waste time smoking too much. I was always awkward, it doesn't make me less awkward at the gym, it just makes me give less shits about what other people see.

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