The Scientist

The Scientist” is a documentary that traces the story of Dr Mechoulam from his early days……as a child of the Holocaust in Bulgaria, through his immigration to …


  1. I am so excited to have found all of the valuable information in a time when we can live longer, Healthier.
    My husband is a retired Pharmacist, and as Ageless Advocates, we will be adding this to our suggestions for Optimal Wellness along with a very unique delivery system.

  2. I wish this guy was around to convince my parents to let me get some THC drops when I had cancer when I was 13. I was throwing up so much, they eventually had to give me TPN, which is essentially a giant IV bag of a milky substance with nutrients that a person would need every day. By the end of the treatment, I was 70 pounds underweight because I was still throwing up.

  3. August the 10th 2018 I declare that I have founded Turkish Cannabinoids and Endocannabinoid System Research Society. It is the first and so far only society/foundation in Turkey. I wish all scientist from every corner of the world and from every discipline be it from medicine or from economy or anthropolgy etc will contribute to this new paradigma which is almost 5000 years old. Dr Erhan Yarar is ready for further contacts on this platform too.

  4. I have Epilepsy for years now.. However, I would buy weed from everybody then found a friend who sold me Medical Marijuana.. Makes me lazy, didnt want to do anyhting. Addicted to it. Spend Boo coos of money on it. Now that I have been weed free I feel that I am so much a better person. Praise Jesus!!! I just dont know How this could ever help anyone.. I'm NOT against it, but I'm NOT for it neither.. NOT anymore anyway….

  5. There are 8 dislikes. Why? Maybe Pharmaceutical people are afraid people will not need the deadly drugs they push on people just like The Veterans Affairs with our Veterans. They use our Veterans as human guinea pigs.
    That's what happens with one tier Medical Insurance through the Government. Socialism Medicine.
    Go to and read how the VA treats our Veterans.

  6. Ik maak THC en CBD olie zelf, volgens de Simpson methode. Dat doe ik, sinds de kanker van mijn oma. Het bleek toen erg lastig, aan THC olie te komen of tegen absurde prijzen. De overheid zou het daarom meer toegankelijk moeten maken…
    Zelf gebruik ik het voor mijn slaapproblemen en mijn partner voor de spierziekte. Het is goed tegen vele ziektes en gewoon plantaardig!
    Mocht u ook niet aan de THC of CBD olie kunnen komen, kunt u altijd mailen: [email protected] . wellicht dat ik u kan helpen ermee

  7. Even the step to resolve the root cause of disease Alzhermer, in my opinion the disorderness in endocrine glands secretion may one of the causes of Alzhermer as well as receptors signals and neurons (nerve cells) or tissues disorderness are major root causes.

  8. Spread the word. I shared this a year ago (FB reminded me). I'm watching it again and shared it again this year.

    Will share again next year, and so on. Eventually the Truth about Cannabis will emerge, but of course the Truth will always be muddled by those who have a buck to make and/or an agenda to promote.

    Reefer Madness mentality must be overcome.
    (viewometer now=86,582)

  9. Awesome documentary, every human being should watch this. Please share this video with others so maybe this plant can be legalized everywhere to help people. Let's bring the views and likes up.

  10. Good documentary! Admittedly it set me off every time I heard, "it [CB supplementation] was not being used", because a lot of governmental cannabis research throughout the world has had its roots in racist fallacies, as well as military applications.

    Military cannabis research in Remote Viewer programs has resulted in a stultifying fear that cannabis use by mere citizens confers higher functions which should be restricted to an enforcer elite. So even Israeli police want double-binding laws to remain on the books. [See]

    It's war. Withholding TheSacredHerb is a criminal act. May war criminals be executed.

    #stopTheLies #LEGALIZE

  11. Thank you for posting this ….
    Dr Mechoulam, hope you can continue do good work for mankind
    I wish Oncologists would do something with NATURAL PRODUCTS …. but there not allowed ….

  12. Great documentary and the best among i have ever watched on this topic, Thank you Rafi you are the star for many patients and a hope for many other which are not yet aware of your name, i thank you very much y muchas gracias Fundación CANNA para publicar este pelicula …

  13. Sustained nutritional/dietary enhancement of the ECS with a freshly prepared & consumed colloidal, oil and protein emulsion (milk) from fresh raw hemp, including whole hempseed, preserves the selectivity of the ECS. ( At 80-90% Essential Fatty Acids EFA’s in a 2:1 – 3:1 ratio, Hempseed are an ideal source of the EFA endocannabinoid EC precursors. By providing a reservoir of essential fatty acid precursors,( LA Omega 6 Linoleic Acid and LNA Omega 3 Alpha Linolenic Acid) EC's are synthesised on-demand post-synaptically and released in response to the entry of calcium ions via a process of Bio Feedback. The ECS regulates homeostasis within the organism via these neuro-modulatory and immuno-modulatory super polyunsaturated electron rich lipid EC’s that carry an alkaline electric charge, repairing, reprogramming, and reformatting on a cellular and sub cellular level. Chronic administration of (neutral) exogenous cannabinoids, synthetic or phyto, overstimulates, downgrades and de-sensitises Cannabinoid receptors Cr's, which leads to dependence . Scientific, pharmacological manipulation cannot hope to preserve the selectivity of the ECS.

    Clinical trials with fresh raw hemp & hempseed nutrition will be the next exciting milestone in Cannabis research.
    Thank you for a wonderful video.


  14. A powerful and important documentary. Well worth the time to watch. Renowned organic chemist Raphael Mechoulam overcoming obstacles and doing critical research to demonstrate the efficacy of Cannabis.

  15. at around 7 minutes he says he stored it in a locker and no one really cared. i bet there was at least one incident of some scientist explaining loss of weight due to drying out/less humidity   LOL    would be funny anyway. Peace

  16. As someone with osteoporosis and someone that is genetically loaded (mother and grandmother) for Alzheimer's disease, PLEASE allow and continue research along Dr. Mechoulam's discoveries. Why is that a few can dictate to me what my future holds? I hope that this unbelievably stupid resistance will be gone before my granddaughter is in the same position that my mother and grandmother were in and I am in now. And the Nobel Prize goes to…..

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