1. Nobody knows what they're doing. But we just keep moving forward in hopes that something more will come of it. When others look at us they are able to see what we have done, even when we can't

  2. I absolutely adore you girl not everyone has the guts to tell random people how they feeling. And each time I see you I learn something different God is working trust me he about to do something you'll never expect. Keep praying and stay faithful to his word mama doechii everything is working for the good of the lord. And omgggggg I love you muchπŸ˜˜πŸ’•

  3. I feel like she honestly balances me. Simply amazing. Like the energy she gives off is incredible and that's interpreted just by looking and listening through this screen. Imagine what it would be like physically speaking to her.

  4. I absolutely loved this video as well as the previous one. You remind me so much of my self. I love how your so open about your struggles you didn't let what you've been through handicap you instead you let it build and mold you into the woman you are today. At first I was hesitate about creating my own YouTube channel due to judgment but the more and more I tune into your videos the more I realize fuck who doesn't support what I want as long as I'm happy nothing else matters. cant wait for next weeks video πŸ™‚

  5. "why" and "how" goes in hand and hand. When I say everything comes in 3, it really comes in 3. I just had a meeting where my professor was like "what's your why?" And it's really something to think about. Y'know, my family is struggling too, been struggling for the longest. So I'm trying to change that y'know. I'm in control. This episode was really fuckin amazing bruh, so relateable and an eye opener.

  6. bitch you're me wtf I'm looking at you like you the lit version of me you never know who is looking at you. You know who you are you are trying. You are empowering women. You are under unashamedly black. You're strong. You're going for you for the women behind you who struggled. You're trying and you don't settle for complacency and that's awesome. btw I used to walk in the woods every day when I contemplated life I miss that. I have kids now. Stay conscious. love youπŸ˜˜πŸ˜—

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