Starting a Recreational Marijuana Business: CannaMan Farms

In this video story, we visit with one entrepreneur’s emerging marijuana farming and processing operation, CannaMan Farms— and glimpse first-hand a new …


  1. The way this grower is doing it with 1 stalk/head @0:24 it is not for UK growers or most of the USA as USA have a plant count uk have zero plants, however a few say up to ten wouldn't be jail time hundreds like this at 0:24 would be a good chance you will go to jail.
    Less plants even if the plant is truly massive its still one plant. 420 happy smoke

  2. With a half assed shitty fuvkin madlster grower like that the plants are heavily deficient with a array of issues this place will not succeed need to loose that half assed grower right off the bat

  3. It still blows my mind that this PLANT is illegal to grow. It's ridiculous that the idiots in our government have allowed this to occur. It's time for the old government to move out and get this bullshit straightened out. Legalize it!

  4. The State is nothing more than a useless parasite sucking away on the hard earned living of the people. Why would anybody want to support that? Freedom is free, no charges added…

  5. Are those Dr. "Subscribed"? And it's horticulture not agriculture. Taking cuttings like that can cause an embolism. Also, you're over feeding (especially Nitrogen) and most likely need to adjust the Ph. Ed Rosenthal and Jorge Cervantes, among many others, are great sources of information. West coast genetics are superior to the European varieties your attempting to grow. Without a breeding program you're just pumping out the same old tired lines.

  6. This market has been in the works from decades ago, starting in Israel. They have been the push behind making cannabis legal. They are the head researchers that will take this product, manipulate the genetics and turn it into medical concoctions minus the THC. There will be street marijuana that will kill people in Western nations and cultures as never before on earth because of this "research". Just sit back and watch and wait and don't wonder how it happened. Everything that was a benefit to humans becomes harmful in the end because of an "elite" cabal that hate the world and everyone in it. Their immense power and money have and continue to manipulate the industry leaders and the greedy government powers to do their bidding without ever realizing what damage they agree to let happen. Money is the tool of the "elite" and they use it like a sword.

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