1. Well Here's the research assholes You Freaking So called Physicians Pediatric Doctors seem to lack desire and problem solving skills what in the hell are you waiting for. Start studies idiots…. CBD oil and Medical Marajuana and The pill form. Start it now.

  2. if marijuana mediates stress; and it does – and autistic men average life span is 54 years, then MARIJUANA SAVED MY LIFE,.. because I just turned 60 and I do, absolutely do have the heart problem from stress. Now that I know I'm autistic [this year] I take creatine and coQ10 and other stuff and it's an amazing change, if you quit all poisons. You have Mitochondrial disorder, and proper treatment can make you an athlete like me, find my channel.

  3. I just found a loophole in the Florida law if you have a certified cannabis doctor that will recommend cannabis for a child with autism and you have a medical doctor also recommend then they can apply for a medical cannabis card we are in the process right now.!!!!

  4. I am a young woman with Aspergers. In my state, I am a medical marijuana patient. I had been on previous medications, the same kinds that Sam took, as a child. I must say that marijuana has changed my life for the better. My anxiety attacks aren’t as intense or frequent, I’m more social when I’m in a public place (I’ve had horrible anxiety attacks when I’d go to the movie theater) and I’m more open about my Aspergers. I fully support both medical and recreational marijuana.

  5. I hate how all these people say their behavior has gotten better….fuck all of you… what about their quality of life, learning, loving, being a part of their family…they keep mentioning their behavior as if that's what's most important

  6. Good on them my child has autism and I no how hard it can be I would rather give them that than any tablets 👍and for those people doubting them you obviously don't understand autism

  7. can this be permanent like I have smoked 7 times in the last few days I seem more chill even when I'm hyper but if it can is there a certain amount you hit it or should I just have to wait time to let it does it job

  8. love you keep up the good work. i have two sons would like to try this but my state said no things need to change people who dont know what it like can never know what we have to deal with.any help would be good

  9. Good for them!! This is an all natural treatment and clearly the better option than psychtropic drugs. Of course the Medical industry will slam them saying they are getting their son high while at the same time are pushing big pharma drugs onto their patients every day!! Which time after time have been proven to be toxic, highly addictive and life-threatening! Just listen as they rattle on about all the potential side-effects! Crazy!

  10. why good story like this dont make more often in the news and congress office should really look at this plant as a new wave of medical
    the world will be a better a place, if everyone open their mind and understand a simple plant can heal people

  11. im a 27 year old and i live with autism spectrum disorder and i use marijuana daily to help me with social situations and i can tell it has changed my views and worries about everyday life

  12. The positive effects are overwhelmingly positive for millions of patients, around the world, but they need to do more research ? Yet alcohol, and tobacco, kills millions around the world every year, and there legal . WTF ?

  13. i took my self off sooo many pills .. weed is the only thing that helps keep the adhd and autism in check ..the only thing is i live in the uk and i smoke about 1oz in 2 weeks and thats £220 smoking 2 grams aday ..i was smoking .5 of a gram then went to 1 gram and so on ..dont get me wrong it helps sooo much but its too damn expensive im in so much debt b/c of weed its unreal

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