1. Hello. I'm sick human My brain so bad And I m so much confused my brain not good I'm bad health my brain will kill me My life such as like Animal life Im shy man and I scared from human 😢😢😢😢😥😥😥😥

  2. Trauma with men= sex isn't safe. Food sensitivity= food isn't safe. Unreliable friends= social interactions not worth it when not equal efforts. No wonder I hijacked the system that tells me to do all of those things!!!

  3. Do those prone to addiction have lower natural levels of dopamine or dopamine receptors? I struggled off and on with addiction. Since I was a child I've had a flat mood and seldom smile or feel contentment. It was always noticeable to others long before my addiction. Try as I might I have never felt the reward the video talks about. People would even get angry with me for not feeling happy. When I was a toddler my older brother used to humiliate me and hit me whenever I looked happy. He would snuff out my happy feeling. It went on from age 3 until I was 10. The psychologist told me I missed the developmental phase needed and that what my brother did was psychological torture common in psychopaths.

  4. how do you fix this problem to balance the reward system and make it normal again? Is there any supplement to take? I read that uridine can help but I don't understand the mechanism of action.

  5. Incredible video. All the reading I do I still found it hard to really grasp the process, but this video explained it completely in a nutshell! Wish I found it sooner

  6. Overdose (especially lethal) actually occurs most often after a period of sobriety. With heroin, it's the respiratory depression that most often results in death, and tolerance to that effect develops along with a tolerance to the high. It's the decrease in tolerance that occurs during sobriety. An ensuing relapse where the user attempts to use roughly what they were prior to detox has a much more marked response. This can happen in as short a span as week or two as well.

  7. Is it possible to repair the normal function of dopamine transmission/re-uptake? I am a long term meth user. Used constantly for at least 12 years. Never got psychotic or crazy – just sleep deprived at times. And totally dependent in order to function "normally". Been clean for a year and a half now and will never go back to using. But oh, the depression, the lethargy and the lack of motivation. Will I ever be able to experience true happiness again? If not, my life is as good as over. I just can't go on living like this. I used to be motivated and creative (both before and while using) but now I'm going broke because I'm self employed but too hopeless to kick my own ass into gear. I hate myself. A nasty and expensive divorce has only amplified the misery. I'm lucky to have found a lovely caring lady who cares deeply for (loves) me but she is, quite naturally bewildered and disappointed by my depression and lack of motivation. I don't blame her. I want so much to love her in return but it's like all the love in me has dried up.

    Meth sucks the life and soul out of you. I would be horrified if I found out one of my kids was using it. "Fortunately" I didn't start until much later in life…around 40. Stupidest thing I ever did!

  8. It was really awesome presentation of drug addiction treatment. Rapid opiate detox is a relatively new method of treating opiate addiction. Because it can be accomplished quickly and privately, opiate rapid detox is an attractive option for people who want to avoid the fallout of having their drug dependence publicly known.

  9. We take cocaine & methamphetamine with the mouth, how does it go into our brain? Why are these drug transmitter bigger in sizes than neurotransmitters? Why nothing else (food, water, juices, drink) travels into the brain the same way cocaine & methamphetamine travels?

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