1. Also, you can't argue with these parents. This girl went from metastasizing leukemia to full remission and is now 14 and enjoying High school. I disagree with the guy from the Obama administration. Just because you don't know all the benefits to the plant doesn't mean they are not there. I believe the plant should be used as it's grown. And using morphine and opium as a model for this argument is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. Morphine only has pain killing properties and none of the healing properties of just plain opium. Guess how I know that first hand? I had kidney surgery and to help my kidneys to stop going into shock and stop them from having very painful spasms they had me take opium after my surgery (while in the hospital). The opium they gave me (medically in a hospital setting) helped my organs to heal. I was on morphine for days and it didn't have that property in it at all anymore. I think I've made my point.

  2. Honestly, medical marijuana is a miracle plant. I bought my mother in law some oil since shes back to having breast cancer. My husband and I went to our local Dispensary in Sacramento and it's been a month and shes looking healthier than when she started chemotherapy. I hope more research is released to the public and marijuana is kept out of the hands of big Pharma

  3. Wait a minute…fact check here….the good lad said, ”a third of an ounce, the equivalent of 10 bong hits…”

    Those are some massive bong hits…about one gram per hit. (.93g)

    For a moderate smoker, an average bong bowl can fit about .25 grams of herb and that’s about 3 solid bong hits.
    A third of an ounce can potentially get you 111 bong hits.

    That’s what she is taking.
    My instinct tells me the oil lacks something that the smoke has which is why she is still healthy, talking and walking. Along with her built up tolerance.

    Thank God for this treatment.

  4. I mean fuck even if it does nothing more than keep her spirits up, keep her active, and keeps her eating full meals throughout the kimo then its a huge god dam net win. She seems behaviorally typical of her age even if it creates a lasting impact on her brain development such to change her future skill sets, possibly exacerbate certain manageable learning deficiencies like ADD, its clearly not harming her ability to behave in a positive healthy social way towards others which is frankly most of what it takes to get through life anyway.

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