Marijuana: A Second Class Addiction

Marijuana: A Second Class Addiction (MASCA) sets out to investigate the popular misconception that it is not possible to become dependent on or addicted or …


  1. People are just brain washed by the media, but as long as everyone can make enough money over the substance who cares. People hear weed helps sick people with cancer, so I'll smoke it like I have cancer to, but you dont have cancer, and the cancer you are smoking for has no actual end point, and you never quit smoking. It's a drug if used right and properly by a doctor it does what its supposed to help with, like if your dr gives you 60 pills one in the morning and one at night and you go back to him in 2-3 days and your out already hes going to say your an addict I'm not supposed to come give them to you every day take some responsibility for yourself, but your drug dealer just wants money so he doesn't care how much you consume of the shit lol.

  2. Bruh…….i smoke alot but bro theres times where i wont smoke that day cuz its like too cold outside….like bro theres nothing addictive in the cannibis plant
    All potheads defending like

  3. I was a daily smoker for 18 years . Smoked about a quarter to a half ounce a month. I used to love it all day and night, but about a year ago it started making me feel super anxious and paranoid. It was like weed turned on me?! That's the only way I can explain it! I guess it was my time to quit. I started to associate weed with feeling BAD not good. That was the secret to quitting successfully. Its been 10 months with no weed. I don't miss the anxious paranoia feeling at all. I feel more alive without it. But to be honest I do sometimes miss it when I drink on the weekends. Anyways, quitting was 100% a GOOD thing and I wont ever go back. If your a long time smoker, I recommend taking a year off and reevaluate your relationship with weed.

  4. Dude you need to smoke a joint immediately holy shit man your crying and everything, shit better make it 2 joints , better yet try vaporizing so you don't choke up the tar . Just smoke responsibility after work is done for the day ! If it wasn't medicine they wouldn't be making it legal in most states . Use when sick not every day that is my goal for pot maybe you should do that too !

  5. ive been addicted for about two years now and im 17. my grades have gone down the drain and im always just smoking or sleeping if i have any time to myself. its my favorite thing to do, unfortunately. i dont know how to stop. i took a six day t-break and those were the worst six days ive had in a long time. now i spend $100 a week on weed, stealing money from different family members to keep my stash up. any tips on how to stop?

  6. Smoked it everyday for 6-7 years for various reasons stopped a month ago, now it is really a state of mind tbh, and honestly you can get addicted to anything. It depends on your will to me.

  7. It's funny all the comments about weed isn't addictive, it's exactly what I would have said five years ago, don't try argue coz they are in denial only way they will chanel if if they feel it for themselves also it's subjective to the person weed affects everyone differently so what may be the case for you isn't for other people, please use your brains, oh wait you're all stoned… yes it makes u dopey as I have found out after years of smoking and now 2 years of not smoking, I speak to my old smoking buddys and I feel like I'm talking to someone who knows it all, but really just talking absolute shite I mean if u smoke now meet up with ur mates let them get high u stay sober and u will realise how dumb u are when ur high

  8. I didn't believe in marijuana addiction until i heard him whine and blame his parents for his decisions, while they footed the bill for his everything.

  9. I'm reading all the commentaries down here… Lot of sad people… I'm starting to wonder: how are you so sure that weed is the problem? Weed is never the problem, the problem is ALWAYS you. If you are the problem, weed could be harmful for you, but stop demonize weed. I can drink a cup of wine and stop there, while others have to drink the whole bottle (and the next one). This doesn't make wine bad.
    I smoke a joint after another on my free time, whitout being able to control, while others can control and smoke once per week. This makes weed bad? No.
    If you learn how addiction works out, you'll find that the substances are almost never the start of the problem, but almost always the solution…
    If you smoke weed and you feel miserable, I'm not so sure that just quitting will help….

  10. David, I just came across this video and instead of blowing up your comment section I'll just say THANK YOU! You touched on a lot of things I need to hear TODAY. There is a point in the video where you say "when people watch this they're going to think I'm crazy"…I laughed because in my head I said "well…then I'm crazy too"!
    Thank you David!

  11. I’ve been sober for 2 months and more days counting. Marijuana, bud, gas, tree, got me to taking other drugs cause I wouldn’t get high. I fucken regret smoking pot at first. STAY BLEST

  12. Stopped smoking and it has changed my life, everyone has to realize that they have there own reality. What’s normal for most is not for others. A lot of people here may laugh at someone like me who has been married to weed for 16 years. I say married because like a wife weed was my life. When I didn’t have it or was running low the only thing I could think about we reupping and getting more. If I didn’t have I would often roll up my roaches and smoke that. It was my friend, my lover and confidant. I stole i lied and ruined my football career. I almost lost my gf but she stuck with me. Like I said everyone has there own reality and in mine weed was put before everything. If you find yourself like I was STOP smoking weed. It’s terrible for your lungs and it alters your chemical makeup in your brain. Don’t be a slave to a simple flower. This shit is only getting stronger has never really been tested properly. Hopefully this helps someone as the comments in here helped me. Don’t listen to brain dead potheads that think they have it under control yet get upset when confronted with truth and reality.

  13. Marijuana addiction can be debated all day. This kids attitude is what bothers me. It seems his biggest concern is he wants people to treat him like a recovering heroine addict. Why care so much what others think?

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