1. nice grow, brotha! but this is high stress training or super cropping. lst is tying or taping them is lst, for same reasons, but no healing is taking place so no delay in growth. beautiful plants though, you know what you're doing for sure.

  2. Not to be topic jacking but this info helped me out when I started. It's not light that is the main factor in why bending, supercropping, knuckling, FIMing, or SCROG increases yield. It's because the top shoot, in the very tip has a thing called the zone of differentiation. This zone produces a hormone that inhibits or slows down lateral branching. The hormone IAA is produced and it's transported downward and diffuses into any lateral branches slowing their progress so the plant can dedicate more resources to growing in height. You can use this knowledge to either complete break Apical dominance (which is what that is called) of the meristem (main branch) by topping, or in pruning terms "decapitating" the Apical meristem. You then have a longer recovery time but it balances out because you have two meristems to work with. So anyway, fwiw, knowing the why of doing something is worth more than just copying someone else and assuming anything. Yeah light is a factor but it's definitely not why bending has it's advantages.

    About 8 years ago I was a newb and knew that half of the stuff I read on cannabis didn't make sense. So I found some free online courses at Berkeley and MIT, BIO 1 and 2, plus some others, like chemistry (so I could see through the bullshit the nutrient companies get away with) and my game improved considerably. I mean you still have to down with nature, but understanding the science of nature works together with the love of the grow.

    If you are interested in the classes here is the Berkeley link. http://webcast.berkeley.edu/  pick Biology and it will give you al list of the past semesters available. You want 1A and 1B. The MIT one you can google under MIT OpenCourseWare.

    If you really want to induce stress in cannabis, which bending does not do, you can periodically let the plants go into what is called a "temporary wilt". You let them go without water until the leaves just barely begin to wilt, then water them. This activates a SARS response. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Systemic_acquired_resistance

    Here's a wiki on Apical Dominance. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apical_dominance and another that might help understand it..

    I hope you understand I am not trying to bust balls, I just wish someone would have told me this stuff a long time ago. In 8 months, two grows, I went from 3-4 ounces a plant to now, I harvest 10-14 through using SCROG and still have the same number and wattage of lights. If I turn on the CO2, which I don't like because it decreases resin and I do all extracts, but when I did have it on I was getting almost a pound a plant in soil. Not using any hormones, just compost teas from a freaking awesome compost tea brewer, a hella badass soil mix, and I use lots of real beneficial bacteria. Not the crap from hydrostores either. If you grow in soil and use beneficials, you can go online and order straight from the manufacturer. I get 5lbs of quality myco's for about $100 with shipping. I get the other stuff, for even less.

  3. I have 2 mother plants indica dominant strains they are 3 1/2 feet each and my grow tent is only 6 feet i am using a 400 HPS if i Low Stress Training will the plants stay short i heard they double in size when flowering i am nervous because my tent is only 6 feet? will LST keep them from reaching 5 feet??

  4. I'd cry if my plants looked like that after 6 whole weeks far to tall and skinny sorry but mine would be far more bushy than that after 4 weeks with just one topping.try a mh light and get the fans almost blowing them over.

  5. I absoluteky love your videos..very very informative..they have been helping my grow become pretty sweet…even though you never respond to me…that bothers me..but everything else? Very helpful..thanks..

  6. Can you check my vĂ­deos please and tell me what you think about it, i just stared to take care of jane i need some tips its 4 month old and it hasnt flowering yet

  7. so in theory if i just keep low stress traniing it through out the proces of groth and flowering and budding it would be super supre small plant that could hide in the corner of the room ? , And can i clip of xtra nodes that i dont want growing to control the yield of the bonsai?

  8. finally, someone that knows some shite! side note: a main lead will eventually turn into a sucker if tied down and not let back up. in essence, the plant will not invest its energy in growing a part of itself that does not receive awesome conditions, "light" being a big one along w/ ventilation (CO2 availability) and temps.

  9. apply metallic paper (mylar) properly and it looks like a mirror. nothing white is better than properly used mylar. this is why NASA developed it. otherwise, they'd be using white paint in space too…

  10. the thing is .. first. your walls are not white, they are metallic paper, that breaks the light, i recommend to use white color, like sheets, be cause reflects the light 97% …. peace, nice grow

  11. Not exactly. What happens is that auxin's are concentrated near the top of the plant, which causes one main shoot to grow rapidly with auxiliary branches coming out of the side. When you bend it the plant, it no longer thinks the main stem is the best place to allocate the hormones, so it concentrates auxin's more in the lower branches of the plant. This increase in hormones signals the auxiliary branches to start growing like a main cola. The light is a big factor, but it's not the only one.

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