1. Seriously. Why do you people click on Jimmy Fallon videos if you're just going to whine about his 'fake laugh'. If you don't like Jimmy Fallon, and hear me out on this guys, maybe don't click on Jimmy Fallon videos? Don't you have better things to do with your time?


  3. This is such a confusing story. He started doing stand up when he was 19 in New York but I thought he grew up in Chicago and he graduated from Georgetown University. πŸ€” It's like his Princess Diana story all over again.

  4. I have been to Murfreesboro tn many times, as I'm from a town an hour and a half from there. I can totally see this. We are raised to be very polite so when someone insults you it takes a beat for you to realize it,….lol

  5. I honestly don't understand how jimmy is this bad at interviews. Like it's as if he's not improved and he's almost been on for a decade like jesus

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