When growing cannabis, earthworm castings can help with overall growth as well as keep your plants healthy. This video is an introduction to earthworm …


  1. It's true it all seems to be very true! I'm very happy! I had a few seedlings most of which were healthy and good. However two were sick they just weren't doing well. They had two sets of leaves one of which was already withering away. So I bought vermisterra worm castings from Amazon. I immediately applied it to the sick yellow plants. I did this by making a tea out of the poo. I understand you really can't go wrong or burn. So I figured they aren't looking good I was gonna pull them so I thought I'll experiment with the worm poo on theese sick plants. So I melted about a cup of poo into two gallons of water and spread another half cup over the top of the medium. And watered heavy with the tea. Amazing results the two sick plants are now the most beautiful green like a ripe lime green very healthy no more dying leaves back in veg! I wanted to go organic anyways, my experience w chem and organic nutrients has not been kind I've had some burns and other problems that were very hard to identify . I'm throwing them all out. Now its espimosa or happy frog soil cocoa coir, and worm poo all the way!

  2. Well done video … I compost with worms outside and bring worms and worm eggs inside often. The dirt I use I have not turned in several years and other than steeped phosphates, guanos, kelp & coffee grounds I might add in flowering all I do is add coffee grounds when I harvest – let those planters sit for 5 – 8 weeks till I plant a new cuttings and start my cycle again. Now that California has settled with a weed growers law I comply and have 3 vegging plants and 3 flowering plants. I get 4 harvests a year (40 – 44 months) and take summer off. [NOTE: Although the old root matter is enough I find the coffee grounds R obviously appreciated by the Worms along with other benifits it provides.]

  3. Man it sounds too good to be true. Can it fix problems w seedlings? And there is no burning issues? Can I use too much worm poo? I have a five pound bag on its way today. I've heard that it can rejuvenate soil. I'm excited, are there any cautions out there that I'm unaware of?

  4. Q. I added about 20% mixture of castings into Fox Farm Ocean Forrest mixed with coco coir. The pH of the soil shot up to about 7.5. Is this still OK to use with my seedlings, or are they going to get burned (before it’s TIME to get burned πŸ€ͺ)?

  5. Some say the full benefit of worm castings is realized at 15% of total soil volume. I personally add only a couple of handfuls to the hole when transplanting, but use worm compost tea at almost every watering. See link below regarding the 15% data.

  6. Try mixing them in soil with bat and seabird guanos, along with perlite…feed with castings/guano tea, alternating with water for a great organic grow! Adding grandmas molases to your tea will also boost your resin production, while offering additional minerals to your plant. Nice vids, thx for posting!

  7. Do you reduce the dosage of your nutrients only when using the tea or does that apply to the 30% mixture that will be used with the soil medium? I will be using earthworms in my next grow, thanks for the link.

  8. Very nice organic gardening no doubt about it I used to use life-forms I would take red worms and it's a bait shop and then I would put them in a garden talk about a difference but when you do that if they can water coffee grounds they love coffee grounds and they love newspaper print hehehe

  9. Great stuff. I got your book today and noticed the board you have to hold your fan – it is also at the tail end of this video. You should cover how you put that up. Is it zip ties keeping it on? How do you get it from not sliding down the pole? Anyway, a small thing but just asking.

  10. excellent my son…..thanks for this info, have determined gonna go a super soil mix and get back to nature…πŸ‘βœŒβ€πŸ₯¦πŸšœπŸ˜Žβ€ Canada luv bro, going legal yahooπŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜†πŸ˜œ

  11. Dear me grow it I'm a subscriber and avid watcher of your channel I've run into a issue so I harvested and I'm noticing a wet hay like smell coming from the buds before they were harvested they were dank and fruity smelling now it has faded away. This is my first go around so I don't know if this is normal. I do organic no till I stopped top dressing with organic too dress 3 weeks before harvest can you tell me if you ever get this smell wen you harvest and of the dankness will come back in curing. Also in drying in 70 degrees an 52 percent humidity. Please anyone tell me your comments on this thank you all so much growers love man always.

  12. I myself happen to learn about the verimist worm casting tea about a year ago. I must say 100% great stuff and like u said I don't have to use as much nutrients now. Customer service is amazing

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