1. Literally the only thing you need to know about smoking hash is put it in the centre of your hand then put your hand in a fist and hold it for a minute your hand will warm up the hash so it’s very easily malleable then throw that shit in a bowl with some kush and smoke, no need to do all this extra crack head shit and inhale metals and other shit with it

  2. To anyone wondering just roll your hash into a joint with some tobacco. Or in a bong/pipe(look up how you can make a bong contraption out of a bottle if you want). This guy looks like a fucking crackhead trying to smoke it like this lol and also wasting tons of hash.

  3. Lol these methods failed…for example if you're using a glass you can bring a cigarrete…make a small hall in the middle of the cigarrete and then heat the hash and roll it on a money paper till its too thin and fits into the hole of the cigarette…then u cut the cigarette to fit in the glass hanging horrizontally, light the hash then u cover the glass and let it fill 😉

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