How to Make Hash/ Kief with Dry Ice and Cannabis – THC Frozen CO2 Extraction

Learn how to Make Hash or Kief with Dry Ice and Cannabis in this THC Extraction using Frozen CO2 . 10% off everything at Wizard Puff head shop with code: …


  1. As an Oaksterdam University alumnum: 🤦🏾‍♀️
    Sooooooooo many flaws! Couldn't you at least choose a setting or get a table that don't look like you're in a trap house?!?!?!?
    I can see holes and the wood grain of the table, you're making pressed kief/hash with wood particles embedded in it. Yuck!

  2. sometimes when im fiending i try to extract the resin and residue from my piece to give me quite a decent high since i smoke different types of weed and it all filters on the walls of my piece. im guessing you can call it cheap and somewhat easy scrape hash or something.

  3. 1) (2)5g buckets 1 with bags 1 without, 25 & 120 micron all mesh bubble bags, 2) add trim/bud w/ 10lb dry ice per lb of product (do the math for lesser amount) 3) hash out dry product for 5 minute in bucket w/both bags 4) take 120 bag out w/product, put in empty bucket 5) add frozen everclear (1L/1lb) let everclear dilute terpenes & trichomes for exactly 20 minutes, add extra ice if needed 6) remove 120 bag and add liquid content into 25 micron bucket, add dry ice, agitate/strain (the temp of -30 and below will not allow for waxes, lipids, or chlorophyll to escape the 25 micron back left with 100% trichomes & terpenes) 7) put parchment paper in a large pan set temp of heating source to 173 degrees and dispense tincture into pan (alcohol boils at 173 degrees, so the motto is low and slow, always outdoors or well ventilated area) with some patience your left with pure honey.

  4. Lets give him the benefit of the doubt. He did it so we could see on the vid. As i hit my vape pen with $30.00 cartridge that someone else had to make. BUT.Theres always a but… Id like to fill my own pen..

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