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  1. He said immersion doesn't work, but I would totally disagree with that. What he said about those Chinese people who have been living in the US but failed to pick up English is already biased: a lot them are not really immersed in the English speaking community because their families, friends, and roommates all speak Chinese, and they definitely spend more time on Chinese social media than English speaking forums. As such, of course their progress in English learning wouldn't be obvious.

  2. I was able to speak understand about 5 sentences in Japanese in only 4 days(I didn't had a lot of free time…)by listening to interactive lessons 😎( my max was about 25 but that's about how far I got 😅)

  3. I watched anime for 2 years and actually ended up picking up Japanese.
    I recently took the JLPT (Japanese language proficiency test, the first level) and scored quite well.
    I plan to continue learning in college yay.

  4. I can't believe about this video because I was in school too long and this video was never thought about at the time I would graduate real fast from high School or move up a level from classes

  5. I am quite reseptive to the languages I am lerning but in all courses, with the exception of Arabic course, teachers ignore me and my questions if I ask any. One of the teachers sometimes gives impolite answers whereby she not really answers the question but rather refuses it. This attitude of the teachers hurts. In the courses I am speaking of I am the only Muslim. Still I am making progress because I am learning home and I speak to native speakers whenever I get an opportunity.

  6. 11:00 when he mentioned that people can be ”english-deaf“ I was thinking about whether or not I was english deaf, a minute later I realized that I was watching an english Video ._.

  7. When your parents speak English and Spanish yet only taught you English, and everybody in your family speaks spanish and some English. And you have to go to Puerto Rico in 5 months.

  8. I agree with him that you must know the sounds of language. When I came first to the UK, I was so depressed that I didn't understand any word. I learnt English in school in Poland and it wasn't similar to what I heard on the British streets.

  9. My boyfriend is Japanese and he's not comfortable with English bc he's not the best at it. I speak to him in broken Japanese mixed with English lmao I need to learn this stuff fast

  10. Helpful but I felt like he assumed his audience disagreed with him or wouldn't listen. Maybe it's because I just watched a TEDx talk about body language with your hands. His palms were down or pointing most of the time.

  11. His points are good, but 6 months isn't realistic for all languages. Chinese has simple grammar (no tenses, no declinations, no cases), so you cannot compare it with say Czech which has 7 cases, 4 genders, loads of declinations etc. But his points are good otherwise.

  12. I wonder if the relaxation would cause a hindrance for people who have an illness that makes it where we can't calm down or have that happy or neutral state?

  13. Would love to see someone become fluent in arabic from scratch in 6 months…i am 11 months into fulltime studies here in Egypt and probably need another year before I reach a good level…i guess I just have to enjoy the ride lol.

    P.s not saying it can't be done but don't set yourself limits because you will reach 6 months and quite likely feel underwhelmed at your progress

  14. Learning a foreign language in 6 month, does that mean speaking and writing? My very talented daughter learned speaking Japanese in 3 month for daily life use and basic conversations. But she couldn't write the kanjis. If you don't know e.g. the rules how to build a kanji (up do 8 strokes and more it will be difficult) you'll never know how to write and read kanjis, and so, you'll never read and understand a menu cart or public traffic signs etc. So, you must learn the rules of strokes, radicals and numbers of strokes for years (even native speaking asian people, who are using kanjis will do for years) to learn and memories the kanjis (1000 active knowing kanjis – that means, you can read and write these kanjis actively – will be enough for daily conversation, 3000 for reading News Papers at ist lowest level, 6000 for reading literature. This is proofed) . Shortly: you'll be lost at most of daily situations if you don't know how to read and write kanjis.I agree with others who said here correctly, that it will take years to speak a foreign language fluently from many reasons. I know very well what about I'm speaking: I learned 8 languages: Chinese, Japanese,English, Spanish, Italien, Russian, Hebrew, French (my mother language is german), but I'm able to speak French and English fluently only. French, because I learned it for years with different methods, visiting the country for month during vacations, looking films, invited native speaking people at home, and further more I studied in Paris on Conservatory as well. English, because we learned it for 9 years in school with all its grammar and Vocabulary, had English friends, and visited the country for many times. And still my English is not fine enough for a well speaking idiomatic and distinguished English. For adults, which are not living in the country, which language you want to learn, and who has no entourage with native speaking people, in my opinion, it's impossible, regardless which method you are using, to learn speaking a foreign language fluently in 6 month. The idea from Chris is good, but not complex enough.

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