How to get your medical marijuana card online in 2018

Get your Medical Marijuana Card in 10 minutes from your home. The MMJDOCTORONLINE.COM 3-step process was developed by California licensed doctors.


  1. It’s like a car you hear a noise does the mechanic say to you it’s just the transmission how you know that with out looking at it !!! These cards should not be there are people with no health problems taking our meds do to this fake ass card y’all just cheap them cards don’t allow you to grow either if your id don’t match the card now dispensary are turning them down to I’d not matching your mmj card sorry no meds you want pot that bad call your local health department or a doctor stop being cheap !!!!!!!

  2. okay so anyone not a bot explain the steps? do you do it all online? how do you talk to the doctor thru email or phone? anyone that has gone through them care to enlighten me?

  3. Excellent: I like that was able easy to speak about Medical Marijuana only & not be judged as a drugie! I have never had a conversation with a family physician. I'm 62 years old & have used Marijuana for pain control & mood stabilizer for years because prescription medications are too strong for me.

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