How Much Cannabis (Marijuana) Can One Plant Yield?

Need more info on this topic? Read the video description for extra info & also see my episode on the Gram/Watt ratio and Wet Vs Dry weight to learn more about …


  1. To sum up this wordy video fast: A plant can yield anything… 1 Oz to 10 pounds…what really matters to final weight limit is whether it's grown indoors or outdoors, ceiling limitations, length of vegetative phase and so on…the bigger the plant & the more time you give it, the more it'll yield. But indoors, expect results in single-digit Ounces per plant, not pounds! Also Expect to scroll back up and SUBSCRIBE To this channel for more sick grow tips!! I added some extra gram/watt calculations in the video description as well.

  2. u should have addressed growing medium a lil more, namely attributes of the soil – ability to contain water and nutrients….it has TREMENDOUS influence on plant size

  3. I grew 2 sativa plants years ago an one yielded 8.5 lb dry bud an the other yielded 6.5lb both were massive

    Both from seed that I had crossed , so I think they were so big because they were hybrid seeds

    They were fed only the juice from my 10 indoor plants when I flushed every weekend

  4. I think yield has a lot of it has to do with the space available to the plant. For instance, if I grow in a 3 gallon planter, I wont get any more than 8oz per plant. However, if I grow in a 7 gallon planter, I can get up to 1lb per plant. The plants will grow indefinitely unless stopped by its surroundings (in this case the size of the planter can cause root bound over time, eventually stunting the growth and allowing only a certain amount of product to be produced). Exact numbers are difficult because a large amount derives from skill, but I believe it's possible to scientifically approach it. Have 9 seeds (all same strain) and plant 3 seeds a piece in sectioned planters (3,5,7) then once fully grown find the average yield per grow (I can tell you after 11 harvests using 3 gallon planters, I average around 7oz). As for outside, it is tricky because neighboring roots and environmental variables can effect the grow. Just like the video says, the only way to approach outside grows is through experience because there are just too many lurking variables when planting outside.

  5. Lex mate I don't think you should be giving grow advice to anyone! I get 1.75-2 Pound per plant indoor. Running 600w HPS with canna nutrients in a recirculating coco system. 4 weeks grow, 8weeks flower. If your in the single digits of ounces. Just give up. Not even my very first grow was that sad. Anything less than 12 ounces per plant on your first run is ridiculous (Unless doing sog). Stop and reassess what your doing

  6. What is your opinion on "Non modified Panama Red" and it's THC content. And a way to bring TCH up, couple points. And finding seed's that are not auto flower. I know Panama Red, feel from Grace is because it can take 12-14 weeks to flower, but👍👍👍👍😁 Live in Oklahoma, grew one outside, 1.5lb. , and Tulsa Oklahoma needs a large scale producer of marijuana, more than 6 or 7 types. If you can help in that area???????

  7. There's so much cannabis in California that it's free.
    People are giving it away.
    Pretty much anybody can grow it.
    Iron American Dream on YouTube
    Separate the shutdown.

  8. A standard 1.2m x 1.2m indoor grow tent with a 600W HID bulb should (with reasonably good grow techniques and no huge failures like insect infestation or bud rot) get you anywhere from about 14 ounces to about 22 ounces of dried weed every season. A season (depending on grow techniques) will last from about 15 weeks to about 18 weeks (including germination and drying). So there you have it, this basic set up should get you about an ounce a week! Is that enough for you to smoke?!! 🙂

  9. 15 is the most I am aware of from one. That is from careful breeding, perfect care and a whole lot of praying. Out door of course. Veg longer and stronger. Once it sees the sun it must be cared for correctly and a group of monks must be surrounding the plant constantly meditating…but it is possible.

  10. A quarter lb. per plant is average, for a plant 5ft. or so. (indoor). The more crowded, the less per plant. Less is more. I'm down to three plants now, easier to manage. Have about 1 1/2 lbs laying in reserve. Smoked so much in the last five years, can't take a hit w/o coughing! Going to switch to edibles for a year, ha ha

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