How I Quit Smoking Pot – Day 8: Insomnia, Night Sweats and Irratibility

May 8, 2014 is Day 8 on my current quest to stop smoking pot. This 2nd time around is much easier because I know what to …


  1. I quit smoking weed 5 days ago i’m glad I found this video I was starting to get worried about the night sweats. I’ve had night sweats since the day that I quit non stop. I was a pretty strong smoker smoking with tobacco paper blunts for years. I don’t have any other side effects except for I have lost My appetite. Hope the sweats disappear soon but Glad I saw this thread and see that other people are having similar issues it’s probably related to the higher usage of marijuana and I’ll just wait till the toxins get out.

  2. Hey, you make a valid point here, thanks. Doesn't it feel splendid to have a clear, focused mind? And no withdrawals or cravings, it's just like being a kid all over again lol. Quitting weed within a week, is pretty simple, and although there are many ways to go about it, maybe try googling Nemery Thentel's website for a step by step program that never fails.

  3. I have no idea how you are doing now. I see a 4 year old comment….

    I'm on day 8. Hardest day so far.
    It's been 20 years,and the last 5 have been intentional self harm levels of intentional and known addiction. I've always known I'm hooked. I've smoked one 0z. In 6 days just 3 weeks ago. I have no family or friends now.
    Buddhism is helping me "watch" my mind, instead of act. Meditation etc.

    I almost relapsed today. But the sun is setting and I've made through a chaotic day.

    Thanks for your video.

  4. Hi am Nessa am be en going through de same thing sweats headaches nurses feeling am been smoking for nine years an I just want to stop an stop get these symptoms it have me feeling like am going mad everyone as I get get it eat breakfast is cigarettes or weed now I can eat sleep gd just feeling like am pregnant who long this go on for

  5. I have tried several times to quit, I get over the hellish parts, then start again. I find that I lie to myself "I'll just have this few joints, but I won't start smoking all the time again" "maybe if I just have a couple a day, to help with stress and sleep".

    I'm on day three, I've heard all my own justifications for using again before, and this time I'm ready to be stronger. I wish I could sleep, utterly exhausted.

  6. I feel as if I am paranoid all the time about my health. I've got swollen lymph nodes in a few places (neck/groin) along with these night sweats, frequent headaches, and some other symptoms of some pretty scary diseases. I pretty much became a hypochondriac with this shit, and I want it to stop so bad. I've been smoking cannabis for 2 to 3 years, daily at 3 bowls a day from a bong. About a month and a half ago I had a nasty anxiety attack, which led to a full blown panic attack (literally thought I was dying but it was all in my head). Since then I do not do it on a regular basis. I'm all riddled with anxiety now and these health symptoms are not helping. Now I wonder, are these symptoms appearing because i decided to quit a month and a half ago? I get night sweats, i'm irritable, lacking sleep or can't stay asleep throughout the night. Keep in mind I'm still smoking maybe once a week or so, and a very tiny amount. Two things happen when I smoke, I either become super anxious or I become super relaxed (followed by a decent sleep, good appetite and so forth).Thoughts?

  7. I have always had sleep problems before i smoked weed but after quiting pot and taking sleeping pills instead of pot things went down hill after few months of trying all kinds of sleep aids I said what the fuck i am doing to myself so out with the pills back to the real stuff with no side affects … I laugh i sleep I feel 1000 times better…  Take my word do not quit pot to replace that with pills its dumb idea pot is far safer

  8. How long do the nightsweats last my friend? I've quit for two weeks today with no side effects apart from the sweating.. It's not just a little bit of sweat either .. I'm talking drenched bedding. I've just started staying at my new girlfriends house too so this really needs to stop soon! Help!

  9. Im 25. Been smoking since I was 17. Sometimes I smoke all day everyday for months, sometimes I quit abruptly and dont smoke for months. Never had any "withdrawal"… It's all in your head, or your weed has been laced with heroin. And in that case, it's heroin withdrawal. Know your source.

  10. Hey joe! I smoked 19 years myself and quit two months ago! The hardest parts of quitting are behind me now and I like to say THANKS!! You're videos gave me the the help and strength to continue.. Good luck with quitting! Keep up the video's.

  11. Hi Joe,
    I have smoked cannabis for approximately 25 years (about 20 or more daily), like yourself I decided to quit last year and had a good run, but relapsed about 4 months ago.
    I decided that enough was enough, there are things I would like to accomplish.
    Thank you for having the courage to document and share your successes and failures.
    I look forward to your future videos

    Ontario, Canada

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