From Rehab to a Body Bag | Dying for Treatment: VICE Reports (Full Length)

In the United States, more people between the ages of 25 and 64 die of complications from drugs than car crashes. According to a 2009 study published by the …


  1. Rehab is bullshit. Anyone who has ever been knows this. The 3 people that I know that got clean and stayed clean (more than 2 years and still going) didn’t go to rehab to do it. Everyone I know that has gone to rehab is still out there getting high.

  2. Horsemanship and Bocce Ball are integral parts of the treatment process. What don't you get about that? How are we to stop shooting heroin into our eyeballs without equine and rich people games like bocce ball, golf, and croquet? You hit the ball through the gate. This symbolizes new doors opening in our lives as a sober individual! Come on, guys!

    Horses are steeds and steed are support animals And you will need lots of SUPPORT through the recovery process in order to not anally drink a sherry enema in the morning because you're so ill that the alcohol won't stay in your wretched gut! Wake up, dude! Hello, McFly? Anybody home?

  3. Rehab is a joke my mother is in and out of it. It takes straight determination and drive to want to be clean. No facility can change that specially if they profiting so heavily cliffside or whatever it’s called is a joke it’s so much need to be done that goes into recovering

  4. A lesser known drug rehab is at the department of veteran affairs in some asspects it puts private rehab to shame. it costs around 40 grand a month per vet in rehab and some stay over a year. some travel nationally going rehab to rehab for a place to stay.

  5. “Mmm.. I don’t know where my patients are right now, but whatever they are doing there is a therapeutic meaning behind it.” Meanwhile the patients are probably somewhere doing the heroin nod… nothing to see here.

  6. You know this Malibu guy is real cause he says bitchin. Lol. From a real addict who couldn't afford tens of thousands for rehab….pretty horses and white couches are NOT what's going to help.

  7. As someone that has seen psychiatrists for 7 years, I need to know where these doctors are that hand out prescriptions like PEZ. I've done everything I could without meds and it hasn't helped me any. Every doctor I've had won't prescribe me meds even when my anxiety was so bad that I didn't leave my house for four months, yet an old friend of mine who overdosed on heroin twice was prescibed sixty 20mg adderall every month and 120 2mg Ativan every month. Yet when I ask for a temporary Xanax prescription just so I can go outside and go to work and look my neice and nephew in the eyes without having a panic attack, I'm a drug seeker.

    Fuck the medical system in the US. I could find pharmaceuticals from a drug dealer faster than I could legally and cheaper through a doctor.

  8. I moved to LA … Was detoxing really bad … Meet a guy who's job was getting people into rehab . The dude was basically just hunting for people that need to get into rehab . Once be found out I was broke – poof like smoke his whole " I'm going to help you " .. Went out the door. This industry should never be about money . Sober living houses should never be about money . Help the addict that is broke and has hit his bottom.

  9. If you're a real addict – 1. You don't have penny to you're name and no coverage 2. Only the wealthy have access to these nice treatment centers . State funded treatment facilitys are awful and the treatment is terrible. Another problem is sober living cost a shit A or B they stuff in a room with 2 other people . Straight fuckery.

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