1. Nature has always been the solution, its the man who creates the problem. We are just fond of consuming processed foods over organic foods. Organic foods are the natural fighters of the chemical that we intake in our bodies coming from processed foods that manufacture by big companies. Its not that processed foods are totally bad for us, but consuming processed food products alone will cause detrimental effect to ones health. Its really important to at least consume organic food as it acts as detoxifier and cleanses our body from other unwanted chemicals coming from processed foods. Just passing by and just wanting to practice writing.

  2. He didn't seem to know how to cure lack of oxygen in minutes…

    A word has been given to the actions the body takes to save you…certain lifestyles and toxic exposures can lead to a crisis of oxygen deprivation in the cells and tissues….cells burn glucose for energy @ 32 net APT…once oxygen deprived,they can no longer burn glucose,because nothing can burn without oxygen…so the cells ADAPT (mutate) to fermenting glucose for energy,but this process is very inefficient @ only 2 net APT,and the fermentation process creates excess WASTE….then the body makes a bag to store this WASTE (toxins) in to isolate them from doing damage..The medical doctors calls this bag a tumor….

    Cancer Treatment Is Complete Fraud

    Cancer is when a body doesn't have enough energy to eliminate it's own waste products. NUTRITION is energy,if the foods we consume have more waste than nutrition,with the added STRESS of daily life,it's only a matter of time before the body is in Oxidative Stress…
    Oxidative Stress is when you deplete your antioxidant reserves,or the over production of free radicals is too great for your surplus of antioxidants…in layman's terms,antioxidants are literally vitamins and minerals,and they are like the garbage men of the body,when you deplete your antioxidants the "garbage" free radicals (unstable oxygen atoms) build up in the body making it an acidic environment,an acidic environment is an environment for disease….kind of like if a neighborhood started putting way more bags of garbage out than could be hauled off…eventually the entire neighborhood would SLOWLY become toxic and uninhabitable. That's basically cancer. And chemotherapy and radiation is like carpet bombing the whole neighborhood and HOPING enough people survived to rebuild the houses. ITS INSANITY and very profitable for M.D.s and pharmaceutical companies…. A person just needs to stop the over production of free radicals and replenish their antioxidants and let them remove the built up garbage (unstable molecules,free radicals) and everything will SLOWLY go back to normal. https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=00XYOB6dTt8

    In more technical terms..When the cellular environment becomes oxygen deprived,cells can no longer burn glucose for energy,nothing can burn without oxygen,so they ADAPT (mutate) to fermenting glucose for energy but this process creates excess WASTE..like if our clean electric power was cut off,and now we must use wood,and combustibles etc. which put off waste…..When too much waste has overloaded the bodies ability to detoxify,bad things begin to build up and cause destruction within the body..first the body will build bags to store excess toxins in until the body catches up,the dumbass oncologists call this a tumor,and they think it's a bad thing to be cut out,a tumor is the body isolating toxins to keen them away from the blood and organs…..,but the body can't isolate ROS FREE RADICALS,the body needs help from you,it has its own countermeasures to ROS called glutathione peroxidase,but you must give it what it needs!!! #Selenium #Antioxidants…….An (ROS) Reactive Oxygen Species free radical is a used up oxygen molecule,once used the molecule has lost an electron (to you,energy) a delicate balance of ROS is needed,but over production is damaging without countering antioxidants,and if the excess ROS are not neutralized these molecules will try and steal back their electrons from nearby cells…this phenomenon is called oxidative stress…antioxidants have extra electrons that the free radicals want,the antioxidants give freely their extra electrons to the free radicals thus neutralizing their need to try and steal from your nearby cells.

    Some must know on chemotherapy and radiation….as I stated above,over production of free radicals causes cancer,antioxidants neutralize free radicals,i.e. antioxidants correct cancer…Chemotherapy and radiation OVER PRODUCE ROS FREE RADICALS!
    They claim that it opens up pathways to cell death in the cancer cell,.and it does,it kills ALL CELLS because it's the very thing that caused cancer in the first place! so,in their logic,the very thing that caused cancer in the first place,is what they use to correct cancer? Why not just use antioxidants? I'll tell you why….The doctors can't SELL you antioxidants! And this goes way beyond money. G E N O C I D E…I'm perfectly healthy,if I was mis diagnosed or LIED TO and went through cancer treatment I would have a 97% chance of dying,and my cause of death would be cancer!!!
    1) https://youtu.be/QRdj2rag-Q0

    2) https://youtu.be/Mt6vzqMAZjk

    3) https://youtu.be/XdLyMhNdcSc

    This link has screenshots for review…


    Hosea 4:6
    My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God (nature) i will also forget thy CHILDREN.
    If a mother doesn't eat the proper nutrition before and during pregnancy her baby will not be made correctly! https://youtu.be/ejFYgBEw4vA

    Here is the visual representation of oxidative stress.. most all chronic diseases is essentially Oxidative Stress…

    1) https://youtu.be/dlZ5ROca0KI

    2) https://youtu.be/p1PEWZRHylo

    3) https://youtu.be/Q7AZiX6x56I

    4) https://youtu.be/aBtryyV7GBw

    5) https://youtu.be/tMx4kEtIQzw

    6) https://youtu.be/ejFYgBEw4vA

    There is only one cancer,and it's the bodies NATURAL reaction to YOUR LIFESTYLE that has LED TO A TOXICITY CRISIS and is TRYING TO SAVE YOUR LIFE..THE DOCTORS WITH THEIR "treatment" IS THE TRUE KILLER!!

    There are a few main things to do if you are cancerous…learn the "ORAC" value/score…

    1) A-https://youtu.be/gj4Qo60woA8



    2)The human body must import 90 essential nutrients daily…. Youngevity supplements by Joel wallach are THE best by far,he has some very interesting information in this video…https://youtu.be/LoUrvwzqKpk

    You can't nor should you want to cure cancer,you can cure oxygen deprivation (acidosis) in minutes..this is extremely powerful and will change your life..you will feel content after a minute or two..do not stop breathing in fully,expand your ribcage when you inhale completely filling your lungs with fresh air…You will alkaline (super oxygenate) your cells and tissues…CURING lack of oxygen …The cells will REVERT back to normal function of burning glucose for energy… https://youtu.be/RW1C_3OXhEs

  3. He’s literally just saying random science words. Chlorophyll? Eating chlorophyll won’t significantly increase oxygen intake. Neither does increasing oxygen intake do anything besides help your cells perform cellular respiration. pH doesn’t do jack shit, and changing your body’s pH doesn’t make sense either because its different pH’s in different areas. Your stomach is a very low pH because it is very acidic. Your blood can either be slightly above or below a pH of 7 depending on whether it is oxygenated or not. Also, he is correct in saying that salt is an electrolyte because it is an ionic compound that dissociates in water, and we do need a certain amount of salt for our nerves to work correctly. However, when it is in excess, it increases blood pressure because salt in the bloodstream will cause a shift in the osmotic pressure, and water from the cells will move out of the cells and into the bloodstream. More water = more pressure. I could refute the rest of his “points” but that would take another paragraph. To the people who watched this video and believed him, please actually learn how biochemistry really works, and pick up a biology textbook.

  4. Cancer as everything in USA is business. But this video is full of bullshit. Bold claims without any proof. Salt pierces blood vessels? Does it just float around like hard diamond shaped knives? Salt is water soluble. Why should it pierce? No proof or even simple but full explanation? To the crap bin this goes.

  5. BIG IDEA.CBD CIGARETTES it is extracting CBD from marijuana in order to have THC less Weed. This product will appear as a normal cigarette but cure anxiety and cancer as the person smokes. Better than anything on the market. New idea from yours truly I just want to help. No 💰

  6. If only there was an eccentric billionaire who could get the latest in "natural" cancer cures for an otherwise treatable cancer to tell us how this method works…

  7. Whatever you do if you develop cancer do not drink milk. In lab studies researchers feed Casein to rats to proliferate tumor growth. And what is the main protein of milk ? You got it…Casein.

  8. Fasting and benefits on Monday and Thursday
    God says
    ) And fast better for you) What we forget like flies, what we ate two seconds forget. reflex forget, to forget our worries and pain that is stronger than eating I do not need it (say, do not hold me to anyone) Tell yourself if you say something to yourself, forget what we forget, go back to hunger after two, then God gives us feelings and sweetness of faith in our heart Write what you love for yourself What you hate on paper and feel yourself, discover yourself and focus on the important

    , When the human body starves, it eats itself or performs a clean-up of itself by removing all cancer cells, aging and Alzheimer's.
    It preserves its youth and fights diabetes, stress and heart. This is done through the formation of special proteins that are formed only in certain conditions. When the body makes it selectively collect around the dead cells, the patient and the cancers and analyze them and return them to a picture that benefits the body. Long and specialized. The process of self-induction requires unconventional conditions that stimulate the body to that process. The conditions are that the person abstains from food and drink for at least 8 hours and not more than 16 hours, and that the person moves in that period and exercises his normal life. During this complete, integrated deprivation, they observed daily proteinuria particles that multiply in the tissues of the brain, heart, and body and are like a giant place that feeds on any abnormal cells that are matched by the cells. The study was advised to exercise hunger and thirst two or three days a week from 8-16. This is the subject of the Nobel Prize for Physiology and Medicine of 2016 for the Japanese World Doctor,

  9. i knew a alternative doctor in federal prison for treating people with foods that were taken across state lines yes they butholed the man ,he said he used vit c injections and other things and b 17 and had over 80 percent cure rate he got a bag of mail every day from all the people he had treated and they lived the feds told him plead for 4 years or we will give you 20 so he plead out to receiving b17 (apricot seed powder) from across state lines


    in short: don’t eat too many eggs since cholesterol can cause heart disease and stroke, table salt doesn’t cut up your arteries and excess salt can raise blood pressure.

    Ask your doctor or at least do your own research before following this guy.

    Here is everything he is wrong about but explained with more detail:

    The fda regulates table salt, do you really think they would allow it be 2/3 glass and sand? I think it’s regulated to be at least 97.5% sodium chloride (salt) but I’m not 100% sure.

    Regardless, even if it was true, how would glass and sand go from the digestive system into the circulatory system? He didn’t explain because it’s not really possible.

    Excess salt also raises blood pressure temporarily, as when it is absorbed into the blood, it draws water towards it form the surrounding cells, increasing the pressure inside the blood vessels as there is more stuff inside them.

    High cholesterol is bad as cholesterol builds up as fatty deposits in the arteries (but only when there is too much cholesterol since he was right about it being used to make cells) restricting blood flow which can lead to heart disease or a stroke.

    Therefore it’s a really bad idea to eat 25 eggs everyday since 1 egg contain about 186mg of cholesterol, and the recommended daily consumption of cholesterol is 100 to 300mg, so you should only be eating 1 to 2 eggs per day max.

    Also about the LDL and HDL proteins, sure they are proteins, but LDL is bad since it transports cholesterol through your body which can cause a build up in the blood vessels, whilst HDL is good since it transports excess cholesterol to the liver.

    He contradicts himself with the alkalinity diet. He tells you to eat less acidic foods however he goes on to say that vitamin c is great, however vitamin c (known as ascorbic acid) is acidic which is the opposite of alkaline.

    He also promotes eggs, however eggs are acidic forming foods which is opposite of alkaline forming foods. I’m not saying you shouldn’t eat eggs and vitamin c foods, they have their benefits, but just don’t trust this guy and please go to your doctor or do your own research before following this guy.

    It doesn’t matter what the suicide rate or life span of medical practitioners are, it only matters how much they know, and they know a lot since they’ve often gone through several years of university or collage.

    Sources: you can find most of this info from simply googling it

  11. 9 out of 10 cancer patients I knew that had chemotherapy & radiotherapy are now dead, including my own mother. I'm talking 40 + people… Wake up everyone….

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