Dr Sanjay Gupta: Weed 2 – Cannabis Madness – CNN Special Documentary

Sanjay Gupta follows a family on a quest to get their two-year-old daughter a medicine that might treat her potentially fatal condition’ …Gupta calls marijuana a …


  1. Cannabis isn't a useless "weed", it's a magical herb

    Also, Marijuana / Marihuana is a slave name, made up by fear mongers who wanted to make it illegal by telling scared white fools that it makes black Jazz musicians in the north and Mexican immigrant workers in the south go crazy and rape white women.

    Pot is also a dumb name, because it makes it sound like shit.

    And dope associates it with heroin.

    Let's all give the proper respect and call it cannabis!


  2. What kind of a monster is Christie. As a resident of WA state, my Legislative representative, Jamie Herrers Beutler, also Republican, is against marijuana use. She however, had a child diagnosed in the womb with potter's syndrome. She went to extreme and extraordinary measures to make her kid be the first and only to survive potter's. Yet she denies federal approval for other people's children. How hypocritical can these people be.

  3. These sick kids not only have to endure the pain from their diseases, but their families are put through such emotional turmoil, and then obstacles by government just to ease their baby's suffering, it just makes no sense that any government or person would want to keep children and people with chronic diseases from having their doctor recommend something natural that works for them and treats and even cures their disease.

    Over 40 states in the US now have some form of medical cannabis legislation as laws; it's about time the federal government wake up and realize they're only hurting people, in the millions, and hurting the government themselves by not cashing in on cannabis, instead of helping those people who desperately need it for a quality of life.

    What if you, or your family member was sick or got to a point where no prescription drug helped; wouldn't a person want to consume something like cannabis that actually works effectively for their pain and suffering, and a host of other debilitating diseases and ailments?

  4. I am a 57 yr old white male, suffering from chronic pain as a consequence of degenerative joint disease throughout my spine. UNFORTUNATELY I also live in Iowa where the only people allowed to get a drug card are juveniles with intractable epilepsy, and…..brace yourself…..cancer patients with a prognosis of less than a year to live!! Oh, it only gets better folks. The sole form of cannabis allowed is oil containing less than .3% THC……the REAL clincher is that the oil is STILL illegal to manufacture or distribute in Iowa……..BY ANYONE. There is NO state run system of making or distributing the oil. The only very dim light at the end of the tunnel, is that our governor has been chosen by the new President elect as the new U.S. Ambassador to China, so MAYBE when he leaves office there will be a SMALL chance that we will get a REAL medical cannabis program. SORRY this is so long.

  5. What never ceases to amaze me in this never ending battle over legalising cannabis or naturally growing psychedelics that were previously perfectly legal, is the fact that the citizens of the countries concerned continue to vote in to power, people (sheeple) who have shown their negativity towards these things by founding their so called knowledge on rumour and hear say rather than the facts and true scientific data.
    Put your vote where you claim your own voice is. Use some common sense and vote for someone who is going to help with the causes / issues you care about. And yeah, that can work as strongly against legalisation just as much as it can towards legalisation too.

  6. "doctors concerned about the safety….so they'd rather go the more 'conservative route'" (right, cuz killing people with prescription drugs is ok because it's sanctioned by the suits who are paid to vilify cannabis)….yet they'll readily prescribe ritalin to two year olds, fentanyl to anyone who asks for it and oxycodone to people who are already addicted to multiple prescription drugs. This world disgusts me.

  7. This red tape in the US is embarrassing!! As a scientist I see how stupidly crazy they are. They are the ones who are paranoid. Sorry to comment a lot am writing as I watch.

  8. Point is is that people are getting it anyway, even kids. So changing the law will only help clean it up and tax and regulate but there has to be freedom from monopolies. that's what happened in OH or IN. People in states that don't have these laws are denying the kids this medicine and adults too. Big Pharma will lost business if it goes legal federally. Something Obama needs to do before he leaves.

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