1. To make it stronger set the machine for 8 hours. You also could decarb The bud before you process it in the machine however the machine has a heating element that goes down in to the mixture and I think that take care of the D card process internally while it’s running

  2. Thanks for the video. since this time have you figured out the efficiency of the machine? have you tested any of the things you made for strength?

    I just ordered on and hope to make many things, I just don't know how efficient the machine is and I don't have a tester.

  3. Let me see if I'm getting this straight??? Tincture is made exactly like RSO except you don't burn the remaining alcohol down? Doesn't that cause the tincture to taste like Everclear???

  4. Dude said trichromes! Light weight sip of grain alcohol and his speech has left his brain.. or did he say trichromes before he took a baby swig of the grain alcohol? If the latter, he just ignorant! Or its that Rhode Island Bud!! In any case, I can't fucking take you seriously, bruh, despite your efforts to be a credible Cannaseueur!

  5. OK I messed up and didn't Decarb the ounce first ! Could anyone tell me the best way to turn this liquid gold into something great . I was going to make RSO but if anyone has any easy ways to make these 18 ounces into Something my mom needs thank you

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