Cannabidiol | Weed | CBD Hemp Oil CNN Special Dr Sanjay Gupta 2014 Documentary

The Company First organized and well-funded MLM company with medicinal CBD-rich hemp oil products Not marijuana based … HEMP based and non-psycho …


  1. Here is where I get it. They have CBD products for pets as well. Also, an exclusive 10X CBD oil! And the best pricing of any comparable products! All organic and US sourced. Purest oil, and lab results available. It’s a great opportunity to be in the direct market of the product usage. People have to get it somewhere. This is the Amazon of CBD oil products!

  2. Great story & I'm glad that "Doctor Gupta" open his mind & change his opinion on WEED.
    But the only negative point (the effect on young child) the same effect come from ( Alcohol, Tobacco & pharmaceuticals) So regulate it & try to keep it out of the hands of children.
    *FYI: Remember even today as we speak Children get into their parents liquor cabinet or Worse the medicine cabinet…

  3. For those of us who can't get mmj strains like Harlequin or ACDC, hemp buds are a decent substitute. You can buy them on auction sites for dirt cheap & they work great for anxiety, pain, etc. No paranoia due to the absence of THC. Futura 75 is my fave strain so far. CBD products are nice but too expensive.

  4. Been taking pills for awhile now it has helped my mind from the psychosis I have, almost to the point where I'm normal again. I'm trying some cbd syrup right now & can say it does help in healing & control my psychosis a lot more like taking a large step forward then continuing the prescriptions. Might buy more to see if it helps with my day to day life.

  5. Dr Sanjay Gupta was on the medical team at University of Michigan hospital, that gave us back our son after a brain tumor. I trust this mans word, having dealt with this man.

  6. "I need to get high because my brain is telling me" lol people should have some self control. Weed is not addictive, there might be some sprinkles of cocaine on your weed which is addictive.

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