1. Lol bruh you don't know shit about what youre talking !!!! I have used testosterone boosters at the age of 16 and it worked you know why ???? Cause it's TEST BOOSTER AND NOT TEST REPLACEMENT SHIT !!!! ITS TO BOOST YOUR TESTOSTERONE LEVELS NO MATTER HOW HIGH IT IS , YOU CAN ALWAYS BOOST IT !!!!

  2. T-Bomb Works great. I don't recommend under 25 years of age. Don't listen to their voice. Research on you own. Just like personal finance, educate yourself in personal fitness.

    If you have spend enough time in the gym and enough time dieting and have dedicated yourself, it is now time to start supplements.

  3. It's very simple. Any supplement company who wants to sell us their test booster can just do a medically supervised clinical trial.
    Test subjects before taking it and after. Show us the blood work. It's very simple. Trt clinics do it. If these "boosters" are legit, they should be able to as well. The stuff will fly off the shelves.

  4. i think people know T booster isn't going to sky rocket your Testosterone through the roof, that's why its a booster, and i think a boost is good, a little help is better than none at all, especially if its safe.

  5. I get annoyed when builders say teens shouldn't do this or do that your just scared that us teens will be bigger than you builders when we become your age plus you all worked out and took some stuff when you were teens so be quite

  6. Test boosters don't work even for people over 40. They are supposed to 'maintain' pre-existing levels which are low as you age anyhow. Don't waste your cash on 99% of supplements.

  7. You guys are all bullshitting… Our modern diet of teenagers are so fucked up that we don't get enough nutrition from it.. our teenagers have testosteorne around then 600 ng/dl… which was testosteone levels of 70 year old man about 100 years ago. We are lacking Vitamin D, Zinc, boron, magnesuim in our diet.. those vitamins and minirals are testosterone boosters, so we should stop consuming those becasue its test boosters???? Ashwagandha, mucuna puriens, Oats, tongkat ali, pomegranates, nettle, holly basil, turmeric, ginger, garlic, shilajit, etc are testosterone boosters.. its not a pro hormon neither sterids.. its just a supernutrious food.. we all men on planet should consume it.. Manily teenagers should consume those foods(herbs) more because teenage is the time where a boy turn into muscular man.. why not take benefit of nature and be more muscular like our grandfathers…. But we should make sure we not take supplements from fitness industry which has picture of bodybuilder on cover because all they want is to take money from people.. We should always use organic herbs and always cycle them. Buy 7  different herbs and use different herb each day of week, that's how the herb will work for long time without creating resistance on body… don't use the testosteone boosters made into bodybuilding industry, use nature organic single herbs.. also don't use combo of it

  8. Even on steroids, you have to work out to reap the benefits, most people who buy test boosters are older men okay, so why are referring to teens? I'm sick and tired of people who trying to discredit all test boosters without even trying them for a significant amount of time. 6 Star Boosters work, most people who tried them say they work. The FDA doesn't improve mostly all of the creatine brands but I bet you use creatine. Try a good test booster like 6 Star or Tribex and take the normal dosage every day for at least two bottles and you couldn't deny the change but please don't repeat what you heard other bloggers say with out knowing for yourself.

  9. Scientific data show that you are able to maximize your muscles building process 2x-3x faster; just by adjust your nutrition plan. Because the time you spend for the gym is just 3% of all your time.

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