1. I just seen a video on Instagram where a guy pulled barely from a bag and put it straight in a blender then blended it to powder. Then mixed it in 5 gallons of water. He didn't sprout them. What's the difference between the way he does it vs your way?

  2. whats up dude – my plant has been pollinated by an invasive male, obviously somewhere in the area. if I had to pick out the pollinated sacks early to avoid the plant putting its energy into the seeds rather into resin production – by removing the pollinated sacks now (about 3 weeks into flower, only finding the early seeds now) would it cause the plant to then revert its energy back to resin production or cause too much stress. this is my first grow and really dont want to ruin the harvest more than it already has been.

  3. Love ur videos Bro. Been watching for a min. I got my seeds started a month ago. When do u put ur plants outside? I put them out to early last year n had to reveg. Trying to avoid that this year. I’m in northern Cali, bay area

  4. Me n my Dad are getting ready for outdoor grow this year. He's a first timer . An the videos HELP tremendous. I made a playlist. An def gonna try some of ur techniques n teas. Excited! I need to get me some extra seeds 😎

  5. So do you water 2days and foliar spray 2 days? The blank where you dont do anything does that mean you don't water? Are you going to demonstrate all this during the grow season? Sorry I really respect what you do. I also live in SoCal and have watering issues all the time

  6. Hey kali….ty for that will be connecting my 65g smart pots with PVC pipe I only grow 3 so it would be easier for me, or do u have any ideas or a right way I can try this out. "What would kill it" ty for replying

  7. After the Sprout it's called Mash what do you do with the mash do you throw it away or do you put in a compost pile what do you do with the Mash and goes in with the plants. Mine is Michael reisin meaning of soil in I don't put nothing in nothing in, after I started I don't touch the soil at all. I leave my plants alone for the whole year. My girls they do what they need to do I just give them water in a couple doses of chickenshit to the year maybe twice that's not official each plant I am the guardian of my girls 😎 my Shrek is chickenshit and water that's it they grow so strong no bug wants to get on it and soil is alive.☺

  8. I’m a beginner. I don’t exactly understand all the lingo. Can you help bud. Big fan. Trying to follow you this year outdoors. When you say sprout ? Do you grow it ? And then what. U said u make tea with it. All u use is alfalfa , barley and pop corn. ? Popcorn as in ? Seeds. Ha sorry. And Aloe foliar. And some neem ? Trying to learn what I need to do , veg wise

  9. Hey kali…..bekuz of u, my mind is spinnin!! QUESTION..what if some how u connect ur plants with like a brige, for the tubes of the mycorrhizae witch is mycelium, would be able to send nutrients from plant to plant when and where they need them like one big network Would the be more beneficial what u think??

  10. You kind of lost me I can't grow outside too many fence Jumpers in my neighborhood I found out the hard way I don't know if can you use the barley in that indoors right and feed the plants that way that sounds interesting let me know sir have a great grow day by the way it's 85 outside down here already had to start using my AC already this is June weather 86% humidity outside he he he

  11. i don't understend all the seeds thing , they gona germinaite ( grow)? If not, how they help the plant? Sorry for my ignorance i must miss some thing in your's vidéos.

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