1. A little hack I discovered is using a clear plastic saucer for a one gallon pot turned upside down for a dome. If you grow your plants at one set time during the veg and then put them outside on a different schedule that's going to cause stress. This could be the reason why you found some seeds on your plants. If so, then they are feminized. 🙂

  2. I like your sun hour scheme, sounds logical that the plants would segway outside under similar sun hours. I've thought of that before but never practiced it. cool! —-in theory, however, your plants would grow faster under a 16 hour or 18 or sun period and then would transition fine to the 13.5 hour outdoor sun period without issue. Cannabis has proven to need at least 12 hours of darkness period to flower. Back in the day we used to run a light scheme called 12/1 to stop our power bills from being tracked. it went : 12 hours ON, 5.5 hours OFF, 1 hour ON, and 5.5 hours OFF for each 24 hour period. …. you are basically free to do whatever you want for sun hours in veg as long as you never exceed 12 hours darkness. HOPE THIS HELPS! CHEERS!

  3. Good to see you went with the humidity domes for a few days. Not guess work, minimal root and leaf mass / surface area will cope better in a higher humidity environment. Your hypothesis on altered light/dark hour ratio is good, but "less light time means less growth time". Your problem last year with plants going into flower as soon as you put them outside is not because the transition was too quick but because you didn't have enough sunlight hours outside to maintain vegetative growth. I would leave new plants on 18 hours light inside (in optimal conditions) and not put them outside until you have at least 13.45 – 14 hours of daylight around May 10. When outdoor plants flip to flower naturally they are still receiving 13+ hours of daylight, never 12 hours unless in equatorial regions. Set up decent grow tent/area inside and start seedlings earlier and put larger plants outside a little later than what you intend. Lower light hours an hour a day over the week before being planted outside if concerned about an abrupt transition, shade plants for few days to 'harden off' to outdoor conditions/sunlight. Regarding light requirements, there is quite a narrow window between vegetative and flower growth outside, even at the very peak of summer (solstice) there are only 15 hours and 5 minutes of daylight hours maximum. Never 18 hours like inside. https://www.timeanddate.com/sun/ For all interested growers.

  4. Kaligrownbudz i had some bud call toro loco aka its wat ever i wanted to be call.. It was ugly brown stank like lemon aid harsh smoke but i was on a toro loco for 2hrs😵😍.. Why like that?. Up to today i have not smoke anything like it. Well yes i have pick up some that look like it but never that type of high.. I only got to smoke a zip of this stuff. Went back for more got a bag of ill say better stuff look better smoke better but no toro loco ride. Why?

  5. Man brother I love it if absolutely love watching your channel everyday. I learned so much from you. This will be my first year to grow and my grow room is lit, can't wait to put them out side

  6. Looking good brother, got to do what works best for set-up… I'm @100% germ rate 10/10….started 3/1/19….using full day sun light then supplementing w/ T5 @ night. Looking forward to your grow, keep doing your thing brother.

  7. I plant strait to soil in 16oz solo cups in a humidity dome.. I place a hydrometer With thermometer as well. So i can keep an eye on temps and humidity in dome that way i can move my lights down or up and or open air vents to control humidity. N i notice that at 80% humidity seedlings explode in growth. Hope this what you been looking for there is transplanting involved but worth it. Love the channel keep up the great work..

  8. From across the country in New Hampshire, sending out good vibes and best wishes for your grow this season, I will be with you the whole way. Not legal here btw. Maybe some day.

  9. at 4:00 that's sort of the style the farmers almanac uses . but they go into lunar cycles tides etc… it's something farmers have relied on for centuries so you have the right idea. I was also thinking about putting organic co2 pots between every 4 plants for the outdoor grow to boost the terps and density in the colas toward the end of the cycle

  10. You said you going to wait a couple days what what what just keep up the good work and it should be like June 6th that you started your plants and they don't go out in your garden till about June 6th so your plants will get about receipt Charles shooting straight up cuz you're not touching it you're not sucking don't cut nothing don't then nothing let him go about 3 feet up you're going to be putting it in a 5 gallon bucket in 3 weeks after that June 6th you bring them outside because you're going to be getting more sun outside then you'll be getting inside with doesn't matter cuz you're going to veg anyway so when you pull it outside you getting more sun now in the plants and take off out of your mind and your 65-gallon pussy Parts would have you call him fabric pots plant sucker in the ground they do just as well your ground underneath that pot is probably awesome keep up the good work and I'm out here in YouTube listener and I'm if you had a radio station I'll be sitting here listening to I know you birbal and bubble and gum I heard it in the car since the blowout and you can hear people saying you should not be blowing that smoke on the pot on carry-on and I'm out there on YouTube listener piece

  11. I think domes are great while you're waiting for the seeding to break the surface. It's just easier to keep your soil moist. After they're up, I take them off right away. I think they do better with fresh air.
    Best of luck this season!!!

  12. One thing… that's cool, you got people from all over the world on this channel , I've razzed at least 20 people from outside the USA it's amazing you can talk to people in Australia, Africa, Norway, Mexico, UK, Like Pablo

  13. Love your videos just wondering if you have tried starting with a 24/0 and then stepping your lights down to the 13/11 before you take them outside. The reason I ask is because I was wondering if the extra time under the lights might give you bigger plants before you transplant?

  14. Mine are basically the same size….they are outside now….getting acclimated to sun and weather…i still bring them in at nite if weather report says too cold….Is April when your climate is best?….SoCal….is already warming up….spring is in the air….wildflowers in area are flowering already….*Question* ….Do you use nematodes in outside soil….if so….what brand? …..thanx…..

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