10 Facts About Cocaine

10 facts about cocaine. This list contains ten facts about the drug cocaine. Do you know more interesting, amazing, fascinating and mind blowing things about …


  1. I got a weird batch so I decided to put a little in a bowl and has a unusual smell and taste smells a little sweet and kind of stings a little bit I guess you could say any body know anything about this cut agent

  2. I occasionally have access to best quality colombian cocaine and i need at least 1/4 of a gram in one line to feel anything. I even smoked rocks and only felt lifted up and very alert but no euphoria at all.

  3. Seriously bullshit facts.
    400,000 coke addicted babies born every year in the USA – that's about 10% of all births.
    More like 350 kilo of leaves to make 1k of coke (depending on strength of leaves).

  4. The first time I tried it I wanted to have sex and said a lot of shit like I have a big black dick.. it was crazy yet the feeling was amazing. I'm happy I didn't go back to sniff again.

  5. Listen to me .. actually just take my advice . I've had over 10 of my great friends pass away because of heavy use of this drug. Went to sleep had heart attacks never woke up. Being dead serious I loved these men they were my friends . I myself enjoyed beers and alot I mean alot of weed never did the white work though I was to afraid .. I saw it first hand what it did to my friends … they used to work out had great physique .. they lost everything to some stupid fucking high ….. I'll miss them till the day I meet them again . R.i.p brothers .

  6. Let me add that all these videos are completely nonsense….make a video on the number one killer substance on this planet…alcohol.
    2 million estimated deaths each year in the world but no, the problem are "drugs".
    In every supermarket there is enough alcohol to kill or send in a coma the entire neighborhood, toddlers and old pops included…but no, that's ok.

  7. i tried some the other day. Silly i know but i mean it was kind of cool but meh drugs arent style tbh. huge drinker and did have some a lil early beforehand haha i learned my lesson there! *pukes again

  8. I did it every Fri Sat from age 18 to 27 when we got drunk on weekends, only did it when we were drunk. mixes well. Its sketchy and bad for you, .its a bad bad drug. Just my 2 cents. High for 90 seconds sketch for 9 hours feel like shit for 4 days

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