Russell Westbrook, not Paul George, is the key to OKC’s success – Max Kellerman | First Take

Stephen A. Smith points to Paul George as the key to the Oklahoma City Thunder’s recent success but Max Kellerman breaks down why Russell Westbrook is …


  1. if rw trusts pg13 they will go far but if he chooses to be his ole ball hog self they will fail i've watched too many games where he puts up big numbers and they still lose

  2. Paul George is injured right now he missed some games. So Westbrook has to take up the slack. I think Max is right because OKC needs westbrook to play well to win, we know pg will do so. Fact is Westbrook just needs to stop shooting threes and leave that to Furguson, PG and Grant. Take midrange, drive to the basket and pass the ball. if he does that he will be the one that helps the thunder win. But i dont see them getting passed the second round. why? cus if they didnt win with durant and ibaka, what makes you think they can with only pg and adams? Im a PG13 fan.

  3. Why do we have to choose one or the other and separate them? They are both great and neither of them will succeed without the other. They are the best duo in the league and if they can keep it together they are a threat to GS

  4. Im not even an OKC fan but I think it would be nice if they can make it to the Finals this year -I think Russell and even PG deserve it.

    I just wish he´d tighten up on that off court presentation thou -ya boy be looking like he was dressed by a color blind stylist! lol

  5. Paul George is the GOAT…everybody talking about how he wasnt great in Indiana yall forgetting he was giving the big three in Miami a run for their money almost by his damn self, then he got injured and is showing wjat he could be been all along

  6. Both players are the key, I want Westbrook to be the guy who starts my offense and who involves everyone and gets the team going, but i want George to be the one who takes the last shot, PG the one to takeover the game when its on the line. So both are really important.

  7. did max just knock his own point by trying to prove a point??? he starts by saying wing guard are the key and mansions KD, Lebron and Wade and Kawhi than follows up by saying KD is a complementary piece… than follow that up by saying Steph is the key etc… hmmm… i can see why Steven A doesnt want to talk basket ball with Max…

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