1. I can taste it through the internet!! Yummy!
    I love, love, love beef roast and cornbread.
    If you had a restaurant, I would drive to Texas just to eat there!

  2. Hi: I enjoy watching your channel and love your upbeat, loving personality. I am a great cook also but can learn from other great cooks like you. Also, if I prepare white rice I rinse it first; have been doing that since I started cooking at 7 years old. The reason for rinsing is too remove some of the starch. If I'm making risotto I don't rinse because you want the starch to make the risotto creamy. But other than that, I rinse. Hugs!

  3. That looks yum! I've been watching you for 2 yrs now and I'm noticing that,I get better with each try. You've taught me that to be a good cook, it takes alot of patience & alot of love.Thank you for being willing to teach me to prepare a meal that, I can be proud of a one that my family will love ……..X's &O's Auntie

  4. Ok speak on washing your rice, I see you tubers wash rice before using the rinse on their hair so you are absolutely correct when you say you should and you do wash your rice before cooking and eating it, other wise it could truly be call “Dirty Rice” 🤭

    Ok now I have to get back to homework 🤓

    In Christ 😇

    Angela 💕

  5. I just want to say you are amazing God bless you the world needs more like you the world would truly be a better place I pray for strength for you to keep doing what you do much love

  6. Absolutely yummy! You cook those cooking channel chef's under the table!! Do you cook your Stew beef the same way?
    Love you and your Spirit and Passion and Inspiration for others ❤️

  7. Your meal looks amazing, have a wonderful dinner with the family. We had beef stew with carrots and potatoes over rice, corn on the cob and peas with mushrooms & pearl onions 😋😋😋

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