Malawi marijuana farm – Kenya, Africa

A documentary video crew explore a mountain and visit a Malawi marijuana farm in Africa. The growers are known as Bhang farmers and the family helps with …


  1. Great Video Big Homie~!
    Seems Like we all need to be getting are trees from Kenya….

    Check this out
    1 Kenya Shilling = $.01 US
    20 Shillings = $.23 US
    200 Shillings = $2.23 US

    Man Imagine getting weed for $2 an ounce. Unimaginable~!
    If it were that cheap in US, there would be no profit for the grower or hustler~!

    Good Looking Nattie~!

  2. thanks for bringing this clip to us Nattie very informative and my man has 3 wives I'm guessing there's 2 other of his families doing the same shit, look yall niccas move that dope 🙂

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