High Limit – Eureka LOCK IT LINK Slot Machine ✪HANDPAY JACKPOTS✪ | My EPIC COME BACK | Part 3

High Limit Eureka Slot Machine JACKPOT HANDPAY | Eureka Slot Machine HUGE WIN ✪ Part-1( High Limit …


  1. NG is the only You Tube Video Slot Player I have ever Subscribed to. Why? The Character of this younger family man reminds me of the people from the World I grew up in (1940's/1950's).. when respect, consideration, responsibility, and obligation meant something. Personally, although I like watching slot play, I enjoy 'LISTENING' to this man's comments and how he expresses himself. Not many people can bring a smile to my face.. he does frequently!

  2. " My EPIC COME BACK EVER | Part 3". The title doesn't make sense. The word "epic" is used incorrectly. "My BIGGEST COME BACK EVER – Epic Win" would sound a lot better. Or simply say "MY EPIC COME BACK", and drop the word "ever". BTW, nice win.

  3. That was an “Intense” session!!!! Wow!!! I am sooo glad it worked out🥳🥳🥳 I was a nervous wreck 👀👀👀 and it wasn’t even my money😱😱😱 Good job NG 👍👍👍

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