1. hemp oil is legal in my state but not cannabis, any recommendations would be appreciated. I have had CRPS since 2004 and meds no longer work. God bless!

  2. starting my rick simpson oil this week – found this video while searching for dose info – I have RSD & and really hope I see relief soon! thank you for posting this video!

  3. how do you use this do you rub it on the inflamation, i have just found that smoking grass helps,not hash. but im a parent so i cant get stoned,i have been through the pain meds, gabapentin,dihidrocodine,amatryptalene,oramorph,,i got addicted to the morphine and it became usless for the pain, so i pulled myself off it, omg,,,,,,,hillucinations,i hobbled in my front door to find the grim reaper waiting for me,i digress do you rub it on the swollen bits?

  4. I have had considerable success in using both hemp oil and medical marijuana to control various symptoms of RSD.  I have had RSD for well over ten years and recently discovered the positive benefits of this new wonder drug.  Marijuana is proving to be natures panacea.  It is curing many ailments and helping with the symptoms of others.  With the help of medical marijuana i have been able to reduce the number and quantity of some of my prescription medications.  Marijuana has proved to be a far safer alternative than say heavy duty painkillers.  No one has ever died from marijuana, prescription pain meds kill people every day.  When will society wake up and universally accept the value of this medication and make it available without stigma or great expense.  People should be able to grow their own cure.  Finding the correct and appropriate strain of medicine is a difficult task.  It takes some trial and error but the end result can be very rewarding.  I have not yet cured my RSD but i am feeling better than i have in a long time.  Looking forward to what the future may hold as the past has been a long and gruelling trip.  RSD has taken so much from me.  I want to get some  or all of it back!

  5. I developed RSD 4 years ago after I crushed the middle finger on my left hand at work when a 500 pound safe door closed on my finger.  I too have been taking meds for all these years as the RSD spread from my hand to my arm, then crossed over to the other arm and hand.  Then I broke my left ankle after reacting to one of the meds I took that made me dizzy and I fell in the bathroom, catching my left foot between the sink cabinet and toilet.  The RSD started in that foot and leg, then crossed over to my right leg and foot.  Now, if I bump my head, instantly my scalp goes numb, sometimes dropping down to my face.  The pins and needles feels like the real thing.  And the pain is horrible.  I'm afraid to even have blood drawn, because I've had my hand and arm swell up and hurt badly.  My new pain mgmt doctor spends only a few minutes with me and writes for another month of RX's, but otherwise does zero treatment.  I need help, because I rarely even leave the house now.  I have no friends and send my time with my four dogs during the day.  Any advice for me would be very appreciated.

  6. I have been dealing with CRPS / RSD for 3 years now from a work related injury I loved my job I was a welder for 17years or so and miss it everyday and a every avid outdoors man I have two kids that o don't get to enjoy like I should I don't do much but lay in bed because of the pain how can I get hold of you to try this oil iv never tried pot but if it works id move to Colorado in a heart beat my email is [email protected]

  7. Hi…I am so glad that I came across you today ! I have CRPS also known as RSD. I in excruciating (please pardon the spelling of hat last word if it is slelt wrong) pain with this disease that most doctors don't know enough about to treat. The best the Docs can tell you is take these narcotics to manage the pain and we will see if we can find a physio that knows about RSD because physio is the other treatment that they know of. That being said , it sounds like you have something better,I live in Canadaand I have had RSD for 3 years and am a 55 year old health care aide , oh yeah, I am female if that matters. I am going to give yoou my e-mail in case you can help me. Thanks in advance. Just Val      [email protected]

  8. You can increase it to more than he can handle so no worries. Doing "too much" just means he will feel uncomfortable and is easily remedied with a shower, something to eat and time. Just keep increasing the amount by a little bit (maybe 50%) when it fails to kill his pain. What is happening is his endocannabinoid system is getting used to the oil. It is not a bad thing as the oil assists the body in so many ways.

  9. What is your email address. We live in port Huron michigan. Need to know how you distill your hemp oil. Just had two relatives die of cancer. My mom has Parkinson

  10. @marycatfish I do. I would need to have a conversation with you so I could make up doses that would fit your level of THC integration. 970 946-0263. I am in Hawaii and usually don't answer calls from people I don't know so leave a message and I'll get back to you asap.

  11. @arkiegold I am using whatever I can find as I am not growing myself at this point. Mostly what is being processed is mixes- basically 50/50 indica/sativa. When I get back to my home ground of Hawaii I will start doing research into specific strains in application to different maladies.

  12. Please tell me how to get some hemp oil…I am a type I Diabetic of over 30 years…I have 3 skin cancers that I am worried about and I have heard miraculous things about the hemp oil, but have no idea where to find it…I am in TN. Please advise.

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