1. I can collect all the resin off that s*** trim without using butane stick in the tupperware bowl stick it in the freezer beat the tupperware bowl around dump out the plant matter and all the goodness sticks to the sides pure and clean and golden

  2. No never do it like this guy this guy makes me wanna throw out all my dinafem seeds guy did extraction right minus the fact you do this with actually covered thc product not grass clipping

  3. Pleaseput it in a vacuüm chamber man … Love the video but i guess you know thats still Butane in the wax ? At least 24 hours in the chamber and. If you want shatter then warm the bitch till about 115 Celcius and stur your wax until its clear and looks like candy brown red colour .. ahhhhhhh if i think of it hahaha i already am warming up my nail hehehe and from now and ten seconds i will be totally fucked hehehe So dinafem is making those devices ? Do they sell the complete sets with tubes and. Chambers ?? Greetings from The Dutch Mountains

  4. The Rules Of Making BHO… most of which this guy didn't follow…

    Rule #1: Never Blast Indoors, around Open Flames, or Sparks.

    Rule #2: Never Blast Indoors, around Open Flames, or Sparks.

    Rule #3: Never Blast Indoors, around Open Flames, or Sparks.

    Rule #4: Always Blast into Glass, preferably Lab Grade, but can include Pyrex Baking Dishes and Quart Mason Jars.

    Rule #5: Always use more than 1 Filter (Metal Mesh/Unbleached Coffee Filters), so as not to have any of the source material in the finished product. (Personally, I use 2 coffee filters in conjunction with a sheet of 75 micron steel mesh…)

    Rule #6: Always have a minimum of 12 hours of Purge at FULL VACCUUM. You want to make sure you degas all of the Butane or Alcohol.

    Rule 7: (This is just something I do…) Always add a bottle of 99.99% ISO to your finished solution, so you can make sure all of the Butane is gone while Distilling your ISO back out.
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  5. These guys are more clueless then me lol,  Is that a silicon mat your blasting onto?  guess your not worried about silicon leaching from the solvent being used and ending up in the oil?,  if you have to blast onto anything you a sheet of ptfe. And don't use bleached coffee filters. Did you even degas that shit?  I hope no one has copied your technique,  their oil will be dangerous to inhale

  6. Hey John cool video.Just a quick safety tip. There is a product called green machine isobutane dispenser. It is used outside and holds your butane and tube then extracts it. My buddies had a fire start in a garage we think it was static electricity. Play Safe.

  7. Still full of butane? You actually have to purge it, if it's still bubbling over heat, it means butane's still in it. I wouldn't smoke that, could burn your face off or idk, just dangerous don't do this at home until you're very conscious, wear glasses, gloves, and don't do shit products, it's a waste.

  8. Blasting directly over the mat + Bleached paper + no purge = lots of impurities in wax.
    I liked the video, it was well made but can be improved as far as production methods are concerned.
    Blast over pyrex and let it dry overnight for a much firmer product.

  9. its 2017, this mans never touched the internet until he uploaded this video. crazy how much people are still making dumb mistakes like this. only better for me and my product i suppose.

  10. uploaded in 2017 using bho (in s simple way) … how stupid can one be? go educate yourself … if u doing it that simple u should never fucking ever use butane instead of a more usable and healthy organic gas.
    freaking idiot … stop uploading videos if u have no fucking clue of what u are doing

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