This Channel✅ Posts EVERY SUNDAY! Indoor grow guide for autoflowers using organic nutrients. Going over the top dress feeding process. I demonstrate the …


  1. truly appreciate everyone watching week after week. I do make it a point to answer back the questions people going out of their way to ask. Thank you for watching the videos, liking and commenting.

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  2. Hey brother man. Im starting an industrial hemp farm. I was trying to get the Gaia green products. But from some reason I can't find a supplier that will ship to the US. Do you have any other recommendations? Will be running autos.

  3. New grower here so sorry for the questions lol
    1. I read you shouldn't top autos. Is this true? And if not how and when do u do it?
    2. Feeding schedule cause I'm digging your results. Do you literally just make the medium, plant then not feed until flower?

  4. Hey man I love what you're doing you've got some crazy looking ladies .. I'm currently a month into my first closet gro in a 2×3 closet .. I have 2 clones growing and an auto flower. I'm using the same gaia green nutrients as you and trying to mock as much as possible with a few little adjustments.. but I am having problems .. the new growth is getting yellow on just the tips as well as a few leaves with rust spots.. hopefully you see this and can possibly give me some advice thanks! Happy growing dude

  5. Between you and Seed to Stoned I get pretty much all the info I need about autos. These autos look beautiful man, and you've inspired me to do a dry amendments grow for the first time. Super stoked to see how they turn out =)

  6. Mr canucks I'm new to your channel and I love your way of cultivating… can you make a video that explains your method of coco and dry amendments. I'm a new to the scene and I'm exploring which way I want to grow. I understand the idea from your video.. I just want a closer look at how it's done from start to finish. From your vid I got you mix your super Coco coir mix with Gia GREEN AND all the other stuff that was on the video. That should last from seed to beginning of flower. Then you top feed and that should last for rest of grow? Just Feed ph water in betwee.?

  7. Hey brother, few questions. What's your ratio of dry amendments when you start an Auto? Also, the ratio of both dry amendments when going into flower for an Auto? Plus, do you mix in any 0-5-0 bat guano to any of that mixture? Thanks in advanced!

  8. You mentioned that the last amendment for the autos was at week 4 of flower. Do you test the EC of your run off before harvest? Do you think it is necessary?
    Also, great channel and Happy Holidays!

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