1. You're right. I don't know why there's fentanyl in cocaine. That's plain evil intention and no accident. And back at the ranch all chronic pain patients are suffering and the fentanyl is still killing people. It's disgusting and something has to be done. Glad you're feeling better and better. It's hot here in Florida too. Very, very HOT. Stay cool! And I thank God for herb!

  2. they want good people to die. near my buddys house is a ''drug park'' and the police say they don't have jurisdiction and the town says they don't- another words kids shoot dope and no one cares. yet they raise millions on a drug awareness/heroin taskforce BS. they don't care less. so sad but true.

  3. I'm a younger widow (not police, nor drug related), but have met many police widows in the widow community. It is sad how common this is becoming in the police community. They see what we don't, and there is such stigma to getting professional help, especially for police. Showing the need to talk to someone after seeing dead children and tragedy can affect their careers. Suicide in the police community is also rising due to that.

  4. Most likely this police chief took this coke from an arrest, karma is real. Sorry but I'm not as sympathetic as u. I'm sick of the corruption and double standards. Just heard about a cop that got 9 years for raping children and possessing pedophilia. Any other person would have gotten way more time. He got less of a sentence cause of his uniform. If anything his sentence should be far more severe cause of his uniform.

  5. Try meditating bro, that and yoga changed my life I was a heroin addict for a long time but with those 2 things I finally feel like I found my peace and contentment I’ve always been searching for. Happiness can only be found within not outside of you.

  6. do you really think any of this is on trumps agenda? the way you fix this really is by legalizing the safe drugs like kratom and marijuana and mushrooms/truffles. dont forget to check out that wild lettuce and red poppys, and california poppies.

  7. Terrorism requires a political agenda. Just playing devils advocate here: fentanyl laced schedule 1 drugs are only targeting the people breaking the law. A better solution to the entire problem with drugs and crime is to just legalize it all. If it were legalized, it could be made in clean facilities and be certified pure. Sure it would be taxed, but adults should be able to put what they want in their own bodies without prosecution or fear of adulteration. That isn’t saying that anyone can do whatever they want like snorting coke while driving because you can’t do that with alcohol; there should be testable and quantified levels for people operating equipment and employers can have their own regulations. States could implement their own laws if prohibition is still desired, but prohibition only pushes illegal trade and crime.

  8. Glad your doing good! What did you say at 5:59 in the vid? Sounded like something about some kinda tea? Just asking because I’m sure that a lot of people would love to know about any relief from cravings. Thanks man!

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